§47-20-6a. Super bingo license.

Any charitable or public service organization may, upon payment of a five thousand dollar license fee, apply to the tax commissioner for issuance of an annual super bingo license. All revenue from the license fee shall be deposited in the special revenue account established under the authority of section two-a, article nine, chapter eleven of this code and used to support the investigatory activities provided for in that section. The tax commissioner shall promulgate legislative rules in accordance with article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code specifying those organizations which qualify as charitable or public service organizations.

A holder of a super bingo license may conduct one super bingo occasion each month during the period of the license at which up to fifty thousand dollars in prizes may be awarded, notwithstanding the ten thousand dollar limitation on prizes specified in section ten of this article.

A charitable or public service organization that has a regular or limited occasion bingo license may apply for a super bingo license.