§47-21-22. Filing of reports.
Each licensee holding an annual, limited or state fair license shall file with the commissioner a financial report summarizing its raffle operations within thirty days after the expiration date of the license. The time period covered by an annual report is the full license year or, at the election of a licensee receiving state or federal funding, the most recently ended state or federal fiscal year.

The reports required by this section shall contain the name, address and social security number of any individual who received during the course of a raffle occasion prizes the aggregate value of which exceeded one hundred dollars, and other information required by the commissioner: Provided, That any licensee failing to file the report when due is liable for a penalty of twenty-five dollars for each month or fraction of a month during which the failure continues, the penalty not to exceed one hundred dollars: Provided, however, That annual financial reports must contain either a compilation or review of such financial report by a certified or licensed public accountant, or may be audited by a certified or licensed public accountant, if a licensee's gross receipts exceed fifty thousand dollars.