§48-2-103. Waiting period before issuance of marriage license; issuance of license in case of emergency or extraordinary circumstances.
(a) Except as otherwise provided in subsection(b) of this section, if either or both of the applicants for a marriage license is under eighteen years of age, the clerk of the county commission may not issue a marriage license until two full days elapse after the day the license application is filed.

(b) In case of an emergency or extraordinary circumstances, as shown by affidavit or other proof, a circuit judge of the county in which an application for a marriage license will be filed may order the clerk of the county commission to issue a license at any time before the expiration of the waiting period prescribed in subsection (a) of this section. The clerk of the county commission shall attach a certified copy of the judge's order to the application and issue the marriage license in accordance with the order. If the judge or judges of the county in which the application will be filed are absent or incapacitated, the order may be made and directed to the clerk of the county commission of the county by a circuit judge in any adjoining judicial circuit, or a special judge appointed by the supreme court of appeals.