§48-17-101. Creation of Support Enforcement Commission; number of members.
The West Virginia Support Enforcement Commission, consisting of nine members, is hereby created in the Department of Health and Human Resources and may use the administrative support and services of that department. The commission is not subject to control, supervision or direction by the Department of Health and Human Resources, but is an independent, self-sustaining commission that shall have the powers and duties specified in this chapter.

The commission is a part-time commission whose members perform such duties as specified in this chapter. The ministerial duties of the commission shall be administered and carried out by the Commissioner of the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement, with the assistance of such staff of the Department of Health and Human Resources as the secretary may assign.

Each member of the commission shall devote the time necessary to carry out the duties and obligations of the office and the seven members appointed by the Governor may pursue and engage in another business, occupation or gainful employment that is not in conflict with the duties of the commission.

While the commission is self-sustaining and independent, it, its members, its employees and the commissioner are subject to article nine-a, chapter six of this code, chapter six-b of this code, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code and chapter twenty-nine-b of this code.