§50-5-14. Pleas in certain cases.
Except for violations of section one or two, article five, chapter seventeen-c of this code, and except for violations of any of the provisions of chapter twenty of this code which may subject the person charged therewith to confinement, any person charged with a violation of said chapter seventeen-c or said chapter twenty may plead guilty or nolo contendere thereto by appearing before a magistrate, magistrate court clerk, magistrate court deputy clerk or magistrate assistant in a county other than the county in which he is charged and pay an appropriate fine and costs as advised by such magistrate clerk or deputy clerk. The clerk, deputy clerk or magistrate assistant shall immediately forward the same to the appropriate magistrate court. The magistrate court may either accept or reject the same. In the event the same is rejected the plea shall be considered withdrawn and all moneys paid shall be returned and the matter shall proceed as if no such offer of plea had been made.