§51-4-7. Transmission of copies of certain records to county clerk; recordation; penalty.
The clerk of the court wherein there is any partition of, or assignment of dower in, or any recovery of, land under any judgment, decree or order, shall transmit, to the clerk of the county court of each county wherein such land is, a copy of such judgment, decree or order, and of the order confirming the same, together with such description of the land as may appear in the papers of the cause, and the report of such partition or assignment. Such clerk shall record the same in his deed book, and index it in the name of the person who had the land before, and also in the name of the person who became entitled under such partition, assignment or recovery. Every such record shall be as effectual, in cases of partition, to convey the legal title of such land to the person to whom the same is assigned by the report of the commissioners and decree of the court as deeds of partition would be if duly made by the parties. A clerk failing to perform any duty required of him by this section shall forfeit not less than twenty nor more than one hundred dollars.