§51-7-7. Transcripts to be furnished indigent persons under conviction upon timely request; payment therefor.
In any case wherein an indigent person has filed a notice of intent to seek an appeal or writ of error as specified in section four, article four, or section four, article five, chapter fifty-eight of this code, the court, or judge thereof in vacation, upon written request of such convicted person or his counsel, presented within sixty days after the entry of such judgment, shall, by order entered of record, authorize and direct the court reporter to furnish a transcript of the testimony and proceedings of the trial, or such part or parts thereof as such convicted person or his counsel shall have indicated in his request to be necessary, to the convicted person, without charge to him, for use in seeking his appeal or writ of error, and the cost of such transcript whether the case be one of misdemeanor or felony, shall be certified by the judge of the court to the auditor of the state and shall be paid out of the treasury of the state from the appropriation for criminal charges.