§53-6-1. Special receiver -- Appointment generally; bond; notice of application for appointment.
A court of equity may, in any proper case pending therein, in which funds or property of a corporation, firm or person is involved, and there is danger of the loss or misappropriation of the same or a material part thereof, appoint a special receiver of such funds or property, or of the rents, issues and profits thereof, or both, who shall give bond with good security to be approved by the court, or by the clerk thereof, for the faithful performance of his trust, and for paying over and accounting for, according to law, all such moneys that may come into his hands by virtue of his appointment. But no such receiver shall be appointed of any real estate, or of the rents, issues and profits thereof, until reasonable notice of the application therefor has been given to the owner or tenant thereof. A judge of such court in vacation may appoint such receiver of any such property, except real estate, and the rents, issues and profits thereof.