§55-7-19. Liability of physicians who render services at school athletic events; limiting liability; exceptions.
(a) Any person licensed to practice medicine and surgery pursuant to the provisions of article three, chapter thirty of this code or any person licensed to practice medicine and surgery as an osteopathic physician and surgeon pursuant to the provisions of article fourteen, chapter thirty of this code: (1) Who is acting in the capacity of a volunteer team physician in attendance at an athletic event sponsored by a public or private elementary or secondary school; and (2) who gratuitously and in good faith prior to the athletic event agrees to render emergency care or treatment to any participant during such event in connection with an emergency arising during or as the result of such event, without objection of such participant, shall not be held liable for any civil damages as a result of such care or treatment, or as a result of any act or failure to act in providing or arranging further medical treatment, to an extent greater than the applicable limits of his or her professional liability insurance policy or policies when such care or treatment was rendered in accordance with the acceptable standard of care established in section three, article seven-b of this chapter.

(b) The limitation of liability established by the provisions of this section shall not apply to acts or omissions constituting gross negligence. For purposes of this section, the term "athletic event" includes scheduled practices for any athletic event.