§56-6-30. Action on contract for payments in installments or on bond with collateral condition.
In an action on an annuity bond, or a bond for money payable by installments, where there are further payments of the annuity, or further installments to become due after the commencement of the action, or in any other action for a penalty for the nonperformance of any condition, covenant or agreement, the plaintiff may assign as many breaches as he thinks fit. If there be judgment for the plaintiff on a demurrer, or by confession, or by default, or nil dicit, he may so assign after such judgment. The jury impaneled in any such action shall ascertain the damages sustained, or the sum due by reason of the breaches assigned, including interest thereon to the date of the verdict, and judgment shall be entered for what is so ascertained: Provided, That if the action be on such annuity bond, or a bond for money payable by installments, such judgment shall also be for such further sums as may afterward be assessed or be found due upon a scire facias assigning a further breach. Such scire facias may be sued out from time to time by any person injured, against the defendant or his personal representative, and, for what may be assessed or found due upon the new breach or breaches assigned, execution may be awarded.