§60-6-5. Applicability of chapter to certain uses by physicians, druggists and others.
The provisions of this chapter shall not prevent:

(1) A physician from prescribing the use of alcoholic liquors when necessary for a bona fide patient;

(2) A druggist from selling, upon a prescription properly issued by a physician, alcoholic liquors for medicinal purposes;

(3) A physician, dentist, or veterinarian, in the legitimate practice of his profession, from using and administering alcoholic liquors;

(4) Hospitals, sanitariums, or that division of any institution which is regularly conducted as a hospital, dispensary or infirmary, from using or administering alcoholic liquors to bona fide patients. Institutions and the divisions thereof provided in this section may carry a stock of alcoholic liquors sufficient for this purpose;

(5) Religious organizations from using wine for sacramental purposes.