§60A-8-11. The West Virginia board of pharmacy inspection powers and access to wholesale drug distributor records.
(a) A person authorized by the board may inspect during normal business hours any premises being used by a wholesale drug distributor in this state in the course of its business. Any wholesale drug distributor providing adequate documentation of the most recent satisfactory inspection less than three years old of such distributor's wholesale drug distribution activities and facilities by either the food and drug administration or a state agency, or any person or entity lawfully designated by a state agency to perform such inspection, determined to be comparable by the board shall be exempt from further inspection for a period of time to be determined by the board of pharmacy. Such exemption shall not bar the board from initiating an investigation pursuant to a public or governmental complaint received by the board regarding a wholesale drug distributor.

(b) Wholesale drug distributors may keep records regarding purchase and sales transactions at a central location apart from the principal office of the wholesale drug distributor or the location at which the drugs were stored and from which they were shipped: Provided, That such records shall be made available for inspection within two working days after a request to inspect by the board is made. Such records may be kept in any form permissible under federal law applicable to prescription drugs record keeping.