§62-12-7. Pretrial and preliminary investigation; report on prospective probationers.

     (a) The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia may adopt a standardized pretrial risk assessment for use by the Regional Jail Authority to assist magistrates and circuit courts in making pretrial decisions under article one-c of this chapter.

     (b) Unless otherwise directed by the court, the probation officer shall, in the form adopted by the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, make a careful investigation of, and a written report with recommendations concerning, any prospective probationer. Insofar as practicable, this report shall include information concerning the offender's court and criminal record, occupation, family background, education, habits and associations, mental and physical condition, the names, relationship, ages and condition of those dependent upon him or her for support and any other facts that may aid the court in determining the propriety and conditions of his or her release on probation. A person convicted of a felony or of any offense described in article eight-b or eight-d, chapter sixty-one of this code against a minor child may not be released on probation until this report has been presented to and considered by the court. The court may request a report concerning any person convicted of a misdemeanor. The presentence report of any person convicted of an offense, described in said articles or section twelve, article eight of said chapter, may include a statement from a therapist, psychologist or physician who is providing treatment to the child. A copy of all reports shall be filed with the Parole Board.