Date Requested: January 17, 2019
Time Requested: 01:56 PM
Agency: Corrections & Rehabilitation, Division of
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1632 Introduced HB2507
CBD Subject: Corrections


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Effect this measure will have on costs and revenues of state government.

The WV Division of Corrections & Rehabilitation estimates that about 13% of offenders serving prison terms in WVDCR custody have a prior felony conviction, unrelated to their current offence (13% is based on inmate classification scores for prior felony offenses). If 13% of the offender population sentenced to prison terms, currently 868 inmates, is ineligible for good time it could have a significant fiscal impact on the WVDCR. These offenders, if not paroled prior to discharge, could serve significantly longer sentences. For example, if these 868 offenders served only one additional year, the fiscal impact could be up to $22,462,972. If, for example, half of the offenders who had prior felony convictions would make parole and not spend additional time in prison the fiscal impact could be approximately $11 million. Additionally, because good time calculation is such an important factor in determining inmate release dates, issues such as prison & jail overcrowding could add additional fiscal burdens.

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