Date Requested: January 21, 2022
Time Requested: 03:42 PM
Agency: Health and Human Resources, WV Department of
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2268 Introduced HB2598
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Effect this measure will have on costs and revenues of state government.

The purpose of this bill is to alter the definition of an aboveground storage tank. This bill amends and reenacts ยง22-30-3 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, relating to modifying an exception to the definition of aboveground storage tanks by removing a location requirement for small devices having a capacity of 210 barrels or less. Tanks beyond the Zone of Critical Concern (ZCC) for Public Water System (PWS) intakes were exempted years ago, but currently, any oil and gas aboveground storage tanks greater than 210 barrels (8,820 gallons) that are within a ZCC are required to be reported and inspected by the Department of Environmental Protection. The proposed edits would result in the oil & gas aboveground storage tanks being exempt from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's Aboveground Storage Tank Registry and Label requirements. This exemption would increase the Bureau for Public Health (BPH) and Public Water Systems emergency response time if one of these tanks were to leak by having to determine the contaminant in the tank, the quantity and its location relevant to the affected public water system. An indirect cost on the Department would result as more emergency response personnel and resources would have to respond. Furthermore, having these tanks regularly inspected will reduce the risk of tank failure which reduces the risk of contamination of a public drinking water source.

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Explanation of above estimates (including long-range effect):

The cost of emergency response will vary based on the situation. The Department, in coordination with the public water system, would have to determine the contaminant in the tank, the quantity of contaminant, and proximity to the nearest public water system.


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