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Bill Status - 1998 Regular Session

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There are 163 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 168Creating birth score program03/03/98
SB 202Publishing toll-free telephone numbers for state agencies03/10/98
SB 236Reauthorizing teen court programs for juveniles accused of certain offenses03/10/98
SB 256Reducing and abolishing provider tax on dental services03/12/98
SB 474Establishing licensure and regulation of bail-enforcement agents02/17/98
SB 497Making supplemental appropriation of moneys remaining unappropriated in division of personnel02/26/98
SB 544Providing exclusion from income for personal income tax purposes for all retirees03/04/98
SB 631Authorizing morale, welfare and recreation facilities at camp Dawson03/04/98
SB 664Exempting certain manufacturers of modular homes from sales, service and use tax03/06/98
SB 670Exempting from sales tax certain food packages sold to individuals03/09/98
SB 697Requiring bear damage stamp purchased before beginning of bear hunting season03/11/98
SB 748Relating to withdrawal from enrollment in health maintenance organizations03/03/98
HB 2002Filing of a corporate license tax return to engage in business in West Virginia01/12/98
HB 2014Requiring the Division of Personnel to reinstate equity pay increases01/12/98
HB 2024Collection of workers' compensation premium taxes from defaulting employers01/12/98
HB 2025Relating to delinquent payment of workers' compensation premium taxes01/12/98
HB 2026Restoring certain workers' compensation death benefits01/12/98
HB 2053Deduction of contributions for the restoration of the C&O canal and the towpath from adjusted gross income01/12/98
HB 2102Exempting certain retirement benefits from state personal income taxes01/12/98
HB 2110Ten percent across the board tax reduction for all personal and corporate taxpayers01/12/98
HB 2124Permitting the deduction of home mortgage interest paid for purposes of personal income tax01/12/98
HB 2174Phasing out the sales tax on food over a five-year period01/12/98
HB 2178Phasing out all health provider taxes01/12/98
HB 2186Tax credit for employers who provide child day care services for their employees01/12/98
HB 2208Requiring the reduction of rates of special levies by the levying body in certain instances01/12/98
HB 2220Crediting a deceased state employee's sick leave toward continued insurance coverage for a surviving spouse or other dependents01/12/98
HB 2229Personal property tax exemption on one vehicle in proportion to the amount of miles traveled for volunteer fire department members01/12/98
HB 2234Reducing all personal income tax rates by five percent01/12/98
HB 2254Making owners and lessees of coal liable for workers' compensation taxes when a contract miner defaults on obligations01/12/98
HB 2305Creating an independent Board of Tax and Revenue Appeals01/12/98
HB 2401Requirements for budgeting additional tax on severance, extraction and production of coal01/12/98
HB 2423Increasing benefits for certain retired state troopers02/26/98
HB 2438Procedures concerning debarment of vendors who contract to supply goods or services to the state01/12/98
HB 2531Distributing a certain amount of racetrack video lottery income to each municipality in which the terminals are located01/12/98
HB 2606Providing a tax credit for new mining operations01/12/98
HB 2612Allowing a court to order convicts to pay the cost of their imprisonment and food03/03/98
HB 2624Allowing teachers to make contributions to the retirement fund for periods in which they were off work and receiving temporary total disability benefits03/04/98
HB 2627Allowing a tax credit for new mining operations01/12/98
HB 2631Relating to taxes on income, receipts or expenditures for goods or services of horse or dog racing owners, trainers or jockeys01/12/98
HB 2652Eliminating the fifty percent threshold for permanent total disability, restoring 104 weeks of death benefits to surviving spouses and continuing workers' compensation benefits for the life of the claimant01/12/98
HB 2699Creating a tax exemption for voluntary fire, rescue or emergency medical services personnel01/12/98
HB 2723Exempting certain counties and medical facilities from certificate of need requirements and mandatory rate setting01/12/98
HB 2731Allowing all counties to become eligible for infrastructure fund grants01/12/98
HB 2760Creating an office of actuarial services02/13/98
HB 2765Authorizing one gaming facility to be located in an historic resort hotel upon approval of county voters01/12/98
HB 2806Requiring a nonresident reciprocal income tax01/12/98
HB 2820Special method for valuation of certain computer property01/12/98
HB 2835Taxation of for-profit subsidiaries or affiliates of a not-for-profit hospital01/12/98
HB 2852Extending the exemption from registration fees for certain vehicles01/12/98
HB 2859Relating to the Technology-Related Assistance Loan Fund for Individuals with Disabilities Act01/12/98
HB 4001Designating the Friday following Thanksgiving Day a state holiday to be known as "Robert C. Byrd Day"01/14/98
HB 4002Allowing the state auditor to deduct salary overpayments from the paychecks of state officials and employees01/14/98
HB 4011Bringing the Sex Offender Registration Act into compliance with federal requirements01/28/98
HB 4020Retiree option of applying a percentage of accrued annual and sick leave to insurance coverage and a percentage to extended service credit01/16/98
HB 4024Establishing the West Virginia Birth Score Program01/23/98
HB 4037Removing the twenty year limitation in determining incremental salary increases for state employees01/20/98
HB 4056Prohibiting the disclosure of the names of lottery winners01/21/98
HB 4065Providing that the state board of education is responsible for providing education to juveniles in secure predispositional detention centers03/05/98
HB 4069Updating the meaning of certain terms used in the Corporation Net Income Tax Act01/23/98
HB 4070Updating the meaning of certain terms used in the Personal Income Tax Act01/23/98
HB 4075Eliminating per diem charges assessed against counties for the incarceration of county inmates01/23/98
HB 4088Payment of unused vacation time, personal leave and sick leave for certain adult probation officers01/26/98
HB 4094Providing nondiscriminatory treatment of out-of-state banks in acting as county depositories02/05/98
HB 4104Making Christmas Eve a state holiday01/28/98
HB 4107Increasing from twenty to thirty the allowable years of service used in calculating salary increments for state employees and including employees of higher education governing boards01/28/98
HB 4117State personal income tax exemption for certain members of volunteer fire departments01/29/98
HB 4232Providing a pay raise for members of the state police02/02/98
HB 4244Exempting benefits from military retirement from state personal income tax02/03/98
HB 4264Granting magistrate clerks, deputy clerks and assistants the same salary increase granted public employees02/04/98
HB 4271Providing a seven and one half percent salary increase for all state employees02/05/98
HB 4280Allocation of proceeds collected from solid waste assessment fees02/24/98
HB 4281Phasing out certain health provider taxes02/05/98
HB 4289Removing spending authority of the director of the office of miners health, safety and training and requiring certain funds be deposited with the state treasurer02/06/98
HB 4292Claims against the states and its agencies02/06/98
HB 4327Tobacco Products Excise Tax Act02/10/98
HB 4344Creating the economic fairness act and encouraging economic development in counties with high unemployment02/11/98
HB 4351Supplemental appropriation to the Governor's Office, custodial fund02/12/98
HB 4352Supplemental appropriation to the Governor's Office, governor's cabinet on children and families02/12/98
HB 4354Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Administration, Division of Finance02/12/98
HB 4355Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Administration, Division of Purchasing02/12/98
HB 4356Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Administration, Division of Purchasing02/12/98
HB 4360Supplemental appropriation to the State Department of Education, increased enrollment02/12/98
HB 4361Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Human Services, unclassified02/12/98
HB 4362Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Human Services, child welfare system02/12/98
HB 4363Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Human Services, early intervention and family support services02/12/98
HB 4364Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Human Services, social services02/12/98
HB 4368Supplemental appropriation to the Military Affairs and Public Safety, Division of Corrections02/12/98
HB 4369Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, Colin Anderson Correctional Center02/12/98
HB 4370Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, payments to counties and regional jails02/12/98
HB 4371Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, State Police02/12/98
HB 4372Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Tax and Revenue, personal services02/12/98
HB 4373Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Tax and Revenue, Tax Division02/12/98
HB 4374Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Tax and Revenue, office of hearings and appeals02/12/98
HB 4375Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Tax and Revenue, Tax Division, unclassified02/12/98
HB 4376Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Tax and Revenue, Year 2000 Compliance02/12/98
HB 4377Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources, drinking water treatment02/12/98
HB 4378Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, Division of Juvenile Services02/12/98
HB 4380Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Administration, Division of Purchasing, personal services02/12/98
HB 4381Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Personnel, human resource information system02/12/98
HB 4382Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Human Services, child support enforcement02/12/98
HB 4383Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Human Services, child support enforcement access and visitation program02/12/98
HB 4384Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, State Police, surplus transfer account02/12/98
HB 4394Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Health, safe drinking water information system02/12/98
HB 4397Eliminating the state armory board02/12/98
HB 4398Relating to a funding plan for continuing public school construction03/02/98
HB 4405Exempting special dyed kerosene from the gasoline and special fuel excise tax02/12/98
HB 4407Relating to corporation net income tax and allocation and apportionment of net income of a corporate partner's distributive share02/12/98
HB 4409Relating to corporation net income tax adjustments and making a technical correction to the allowance for certain governmental obligations secured by residential property02/12/98
HB 4410Making technical corrections concerning adjustments to taxable income for foreign source income of corporations02/12/98
HB 4412Including a checkoff box on income tax forms for a contribution to prevent the euthanization of healthy dogs and cats02/12/98
HB 4421Requiring the state to purchase electric power from North Branch Power Plant02/13/98
HB 4422Raising the state personal income tax exemption02/13/98
HB 4424Supplemental appropriation to the State Department of Education, computer basic skills02/13/98
HB 4425Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Human Services, health care provider tax02/13/98
HB 4426Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Miners' Health, Safety and Training, test fees fund02/13/98
HB 4437Dedicating certain natural gas tax revenue to the county in which the gas was extracted02/13/98
HB 4441Limiting the expansion of the state capitol complex in the east end of Charleston02/16/98
HB 4442Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Culture and History, Library Commission and the Educational Broadcasting Authority02/16/98
HB 4445Exempting certain sales by motor vehicle dealers from the consumers sales tax02/16/98
HB 4446Supplemental appropriation to the Bureau of Senior Services02/16/98
HB 4450Payment of jail costs by the state for time served in regional jails02/16/98
HB 4458Eliminating the twenty year restriction on incremental salary increases for state employees02/17/98
HB 4464Adding the definition of cider for wine sales and imposing a liter tax on cider02/18/98
HB 4476Allowing household employers to file payroll tax forms with payments due on an annual basis to coincide with payment of personal income tax02/18/98
HB 4480Creating a legislative oversight commission on public employees insurance accountability02/18/98
HB 4481Deleting the requirement that the PEIA finance board develop an annual financial plan to meet financial requirements, etc02/18/98
HB 4482Imposing special excise taxes on smokeless tobacco products and dedicating proceeds to the Children's Health Insurance Program02/19/98
HB 4491Providing a pay increase for classified state employees for three consecutive years02/19/98
HB 4506Permitting certain state employees to earn merit pay raises02/20/98
HB 4515Giving deputy sheriffs who are required to work during holidays the same coverage as is authorized for municipal police officers, firefighters and correctional officers02/26/98
HB 4516Eliminating the consumer sales tax on food by a six-year phaseout02/20/98
HB 4524Allowing volunteer fire department members a one thousand dollar exemption from gross income for state income tax purposes02/23/98
HB 4525Eliminating by a three-year phaseout the consumers sales tax on food and food products02/23/98
HB 4539Eliminating the consumers sales tax on food02/24/98
HB 4544Relating to funding and projects of the infrastructure and jobs development council02/24/98
HB 4549Allocating gasoline and special fuel excise taxes to the division of natural resources for use in maintaining highway safety02/24/98
HB 4552Exempting certain natural gas and oil production from severance taxes02/25/98
HB 4555Providing for the deferring of tax implementation and collections for both personal and real property for new businesses02/25/98
HB 4557Clarifying language relating to funds to be used to implement provisions relating to the child placement alternatives corporation02/25/98
HB 4563Authorizing the sale of the property known as the former Thomas Jefferson Junior High School03/06/98
HB 4571Requirements of nonresidents severing West Virginia timber and requiring certain recordkeeping by purchasers of timber, logs or wood products02/25/98
HB 4572Clarifying legislative intent as to qualification of managed timberland and effect of certification02/25/98
HB 4573Requiring the tax commissioner to develop a simple or short form for the payment of timber severance tax02/25/98
HB 4583Industrial Park Shell Building and Jobs Act02/26/98
HB 4586Relating to special charges for municipal services and specifying fee limitations02/26/98
HB 4588Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Act03/04/98
HB 4598Small Tourism Business Development Act02/27/98
HB 4604Requiring mental hygiene commissioners to receive annually one week of training relative to mental illness03/03/98
HB 4615West Virginia Small Business Tax Credit Act02/27/98
HB 4617Incremental decrease in the tax assessed on dental and physicians' services02/27/98
HB 4623Continuation of tax credit for qualified historic rehabilitated buildings investment02/27/98
HB 4627Raising the bond requirement for operators of oil and gas wells03/02/98
HB 4633Dedicating tax proceeds from fuel tax on barges and other commercial watercraft to the West Virginia Public Port Authority02/27/98
HB 4635Graduated elimination of the sales tax on food02/27/98
HB 4636Designating one racing day at horse and dog racetracks as "state college and university day"02/27/98
HB 4641Clarifying provisions of Solicitations of Charitable Funds Act03/03/98
HB 4665Bimonthly deductions for PEIA insurance and negotiation of fees with health care provider groups02/27/98
HB 4671Tax credits for companies engaged in new consumer-ready textile manufacturing02/27/98
HB 4676Joint and several liability for workers' compensation premium tax02/27/98
HB 4678Tax credit for employers who provide child day care or private preschool services02/27/98
HB 4679Phasing out health care provider taxes within three years02/27/98
HB 4683Creating the Safe Road Bond Trust Fund02/27/98
HB 4710Prohibiting unfunded mandates relating to education03/05/98
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