SB424 SFA Kessler 2-16 #1

Baker 7816


Senator Kessler moved to amend the bill on page two, section three-d, lines nineteen through twenty-three, by striking out all of subsection (d) and inserting in lieu thereof a new subsection, designated subsection (d), to read as follows:

(d)  and Reimbursement fees for services rendered by the fire company or fire department must be reasonable: Provided, however, That no and the total fee for responding to any single incident or accident shall may not exceed $500 $5,000, except: (1) An incident or accident involving hazardous materials; (2) a fire incident at commercial use properties or structures; or (3) a fire incident at industrial use properties or structures:  Provided, That the fee for any incident involving a single-family dwelling assessed against an owner-occupied residence may not exceed $1,000.