HB2359 H H&HR AM #1

Roskovensky 3338

The Committee on Health and Human Resources moved to amend the bill on page 1, section 12, line 1, by striking everything after the enacting section an inserting in lieu thereof the following:

30-14-12. Offenses; penalties.

(a) Each of the following acts shall constitute a misdemeanor, punishable upon conviction by a fine of not less than $1,000 nor more than $10,000:

(a) The practice or attempting to practice as an osteopathic physician and surgeon without a license or permit;

(b) (1) The obtaining of or an attempt to obtain a license or permit to practice in the profession for money or any other thing of value, by fraudulent misrepresentation;

(c) (2) The making of any willfully false oath or affirmation whenever an oath or affirmation is required by this article; and,

(d) (3) Advertising, practicing or attempting to practice under a name other than one's own.

(b) The practice or attempting to practice osteopathic medicine without a license or permit constitutes a felony and, upon conviction, shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned in a correctional facility for not less than 1 year nor more than 5 years or both fined and imprisoned.