HB2628 S GOV AM #1

Bailey 7965


The Committee on Government Organization moved to amend the bill, pages eighteen and nineteen, by striking out all of section eleven and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

§30-14-11. Refusal, suspension or revocation of license; suspension or revocation of certificate of authorization.

(a) The board may either refuse to issue or may suspend or revoke any license for any one or more of the following causes:

(a) The board may refuse to issue a license, suspend or revoke a license, fine a licensee, order restitution or rehabilitative action by a licensee, or order a combination thereof for any one or more of the following causes:

(1) Conviction of a felony, as shown by a certified copy of the record of the trial court: Provided, That if the conviction is for an offense that involves the transfer, delivery or illicit possession of a prescription drug, then the board shall revoke or refuse to issue the license of the convicted physician or physician’s assistant for a period of time until the physician or physician’s assistant demonstrates a record of rehabilitation and that he or she has the integrity, moral character and professional competence to practice in this state;

(2) Conviction of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude;

(3) Violation of any provision of this article regulating the practice of osteopathic physicians and surgeons;

(4) Fraud, misrepresentation or deceit in procuring or attempting to procure admission to practice;

(5) Gross malpractice;

(6) Advertising by means of knowingly false or deceptive statements;

(7) Advertising, practicing or attempting to practice under a name other than one's own;

(8) Habitual drunkenness, or habitual addiction to the use of morphine, cocaine or other habit-forming drugs; or

(9) Knowingly failing to report to the board any act of gross misconduct committed by another licensee of the board.

(b) The board shall also have the power to suspend or revoke for cause any certificate of authorization issued by it. It shall have the power to reinstate any certificate of authorization suspended or revoked by it.

(c) An osteopathic physician licensed under this article may not be disciplined for providing expedited partner therapy in accordance with article four-f, chapter sixteen of this code.