HB2815 SFA Trump 4-4 #1

Hager 7871


Senator Trump moved to amend the Education Committee amendment on pages one and two, lines one through ten, by striking out all of subsection (d) and inserting in lieu thereof a new subsection (d), to read as follows:

(d) The Higher Education Policy Commission shall examine the question of general revenue appropriations to individual higher education institutions per student, and per credit hour, and by other relevant measures at all higher education institutions, including four-year baccalaureate institutions and the community and technical colleges, and on or before January 1, 2018, the commission shall deliver its report to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance and the Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability. This report shall include a recommendation to the Legislature on a formula for the allocation of general revenue to be appropriated to such institutions that provides for ratable funding across all four-year institutions and community and technical colleges on a ratable basis, by enrolled student, by credit hour or by other relevant measures. On such basis, the commission shall make a recommendation to the Legislature as to the amounts that each such institution should have appropriated to it in the general revenue budget for fiscal year 2019, based upon the total general revenue appropriations that such institutions receive in aggregate in the enacted budget for fiscal year 2018.