SB437 HFA Storch 3-28 #1

Akers 3238

Delegate Storch moved to amend the bill on page sixteen, section ten-a, line eleven, striking the period at the end of the sentence and inserting in lieu thereof a semicolon and the following:

Provided further: That $3 million shall be withheld by the Racing Commission and transferred to Workforce West Virginia to be deposited into a special revenue account called the Displaced Racing Workers Employment Retraining Fund; said fund shall be administered by Workforce West Virginia; who is hereby authorized to spend the funds to retrain for other employment opportunities, all displaced workers, who had a direct employment relationship with the racing industry, as verified by the Racing Commission, and who were involuntarily released from employment without cause as a result of this bill; any funds not spent by Workforce West Virginia for retraining displaced racing workers before July 1, 2022, shall thereafter be transferred into the State Excess Lottery Fund for appropriation by the Legislature.