HB4154 HFA Howell and Hanshaw 2-21

Hubbard 3192


Delegates Howell and Hanshaw move to amend the bill on page three, section four, after line ten, by inserting a new subsection, designated subsection (c), to read as follows:

(c) The Development Office may not impose any costs on the applicant filing the request for a certificate of critical economic concern.

And relettering the remaining subsections.


On page four, section five, after line six, by inserting a new subsection, designated subsection (d), to read as follows:

(d) The state agency may not charge the applicant any fees related to the application for a project in which the applicant files a certificate of economic concern with the state agency with the completed permit application.


On page five, by striking out section eight in its entirety and inserting a new section eight, to read as follows:

5B-8-8. Permit complaints.

(a) The West Virginia Development Office shall establish a telephone hotline which permit applicants may utilize to contact the Office when a state agency has not timely acted upon a permit application. The Development Office shall contact the relevant state agency within one business day of receiving the call and forward the complaint. The relevant state agency shall contact the applicant within two business days after receiving notice from the Development Office and notify the Development Office that it has contacted the applicant.

(b) The Development Office shall annually report to the Governor and Joint Committee on Government and Finance a summary of calls, broken down by agency or subdivision.

(c) The Development Office shall propose rules for legislative approval in accordance with the provisions of 29A-3-1 et seq. to effectuate the provisions of this section.