SB285 SFA Maynard 1-23 #1

macia 7808


Senator Maynard moved to amend the bill on page four, section one, line sixty-seven, after the word “respectively.” by striking out all the remainder of the section;

On page twelve, section six, line sixty-two, by striking out the words “or the county sheriffs”;

On page thirteen, section seven, line six, by striking out the words “or nonintoxicating beer”;

On page thirteen, section seven, line fifteen, after the word “emergency.” by adding the following: Each participant shall at all times remain within and on a designated and marked trail within the regional recreational area.;


On page nineteen, section two, line sixteen, after the word “operator”, by inserting the following text: “Off-highway vehicle”, “off-highway recreational vehicle” or “OHV” means a vehicle intended for off-highway use and includes all-terrain vehicles, utility-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. All permissible off-highway vehicles, including off-road vehicles, are incorporated by reference in this article.

 “Off-road vehicle” or “ORV” means a vehicle that is suitable for off-road use.  It includes a four-wheel drive vehicle such as a Jeep, pickup or sport utility vehicle. It also includes a specially designed, modified or customized off-road vehicle that is of a similar size to a vehicle manufactured for highway use.