HB2010 Blair AMT #1 3-8

Johnson 7909


Senator Blair moved to amend the bill by striking out the title and substituting therefor a new title, to read as follows:

Eng. Com. Sub. for House Bill 2010A Bill to amend the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, by adding thereto a new section, designated 9-5-27; to amend and reenact 49-1-206 of said code; to amend and reenact 49-2-107, 49-2-113, and 49-2-708 of said code; to amend said code by adding thereto two new sections, designated 49-2-111A and 49-2-111B; and to amend and reenact 49-4-108, 49-4-406, 49-4-413, 49-4-604, 49-4-608, 49-4-711, 49-4-714 and 49-4-724 of said code, all relating to foster care; defining terms; transitioning the foster care population to a managed care organization; allowing the secretary to apply for waivers; setting out requirements for the managed care program; providing for an effective date; providing a sunset date; require the department to enter into certain types of contracts with child placing agencies; creating a state foster care ombudsman; setting out experience requirements for an ombudsman; providing duties and authority of the ombudsman; setting out preclusions for employment of certain department employees; providing for managed care employees allocation to foster care in West Virginia; providing for performance based contracting with child placement agencies; setting out procurement and contract requirements; requiring a study of kinship care; requiring the department to review certain legislative rules; extending the time to file legislative rules; extending the time a foster care certification is authorized; requiring home safety assessment to take place annually; prohibiting the removal of a child from a residential child care program in certain circumstances; providing exceptions to permit the removal of a child from a residential child care program; establishing payment rates for services; permitting those rates be exceeded when certain conditions are met; prohibiting the termination of parental rights solely based upon participation in a medically assisted treatment program; prohibiting the placement of a foster child in an out of state facility; providing exceptions to the placement of a foster child in an out of state facility; setting out standard assessments of certain juveniles; and requiring reporting.