HB4083 S T&I AM #1 as am

Casey 7988


The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure moved to amend the bill by striking out everything after the enacting clause and inserting in lieu thereof the following:


17-16A-13b. Collection of tolls through credit and debit cards.

(a) By July 1, 2023, or as soon thereafter as the provisions of this subsection can be implemented without conflicting with any of its existing agreements, including but not limited to covenants under any trust agreement securing bonds related to the turnpike or tolls, the authority shall implement procedures that allow tolls on the turnpike to be paid at each toll facility by credit and debit cards with technology designed to ensure that the transaction processing speed supports operational requirements of the authority. The authority may incorporate or add a cost adjustment to the amount of any toll paid at a toll facility by a credit card so that the amount collected covers all charges against the authority by the credit card company or financial institution for accepting payment through the card: Provided, That the authority may also include in such cost adjustment an amount that will reimburse the authority for equipment necessary to offer such optional payment method: Provided, however, That such cost adjustment for the optional payment by a credit card is not subject to toll payments made through any West Virginia EZ Pass transponder or discount program as defined or authorized by 17-16A-29 of this code: Provided further, That the cost adjustment for the optional use of a credit card is not subject to the public notice or meeting requirement in 17-16A-13a of this code.

(b) The authority may limit the number of toll booths that accept payment by credit and debit cards at each toll collection point.

(c) The authority shall provide a progress report to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance no later than December 31 of each year until the provisions of this section are implemented. Such report shall include a description of the status of, and any impediments to, the implementation of the provisions of this section and may include any other information the authority deems relevant.