SB572 HFA Barrett & Bates 2-25


                Delegates Barrett and Bates move to amend the bill on page 3, line 52, by striking out the works “Medical Services” and inserting in lieu thereof the words “Social Services” and striking out the numbers “”63300” and inserting in lieu thereof, the numbers “19500”;


                Following the period at the end of page 3, line 52, by inserting the following:

                “Any unexpended balances remaining in the appropriations for Social Services – Surplus (fund 0403, appropriation 19500) at the close of the fiscal year 2020 are hereby reappropriated for expenditure during the fiscal year 2021.

                Included in the above appropriation for Social Services – Surplus (fund 0403 appropriation 19500) is funding for foster care rates to both child placing agencies and certified foster care homes, and legal guardianship subsidies.”