HB2002 HFA Bates 2-15 #2

Altizer – 3259


            Delegate Bates moves to amend the Com Sub for H.B.2002 on page 21, section 2, line 73, following the period, by inserting the following:

            “(23) “Substandard service” means a documented deviation of greater than 25% for a period of 30 days or longer from the advertised, agreed to and paid by subscriber network data transmission date rate.”


renumbering the subsequent subdivision accordingly;


            On page 24, Section 21, line 1, by inserting an (a) before the words “A cable television”;


            On page 24, Section 21, line 5, following the period, by inserting a new subdivision to read as follows:

            “(b) A cable television or broadband system operator shall provide, upon request a subscriber, a credit or refund from the cable or broadband operator in the amount that reflects of the proportionate share of substandard service occurring during a billing period if the cause of the substandard service was not caused by circumstances beyond the control of the provider.”