HB2002 HFA Bates 2-15

Altizer - 3259

            Delegate Bates moves to amend Com. Sub. for HB 2002 on page 24, Section 21, on line 1 by inserting an (a) before the words “A cable television”;


            On page 24, Section 21, line 5 following the period, by inserting two new subdivisions to read as follows:

            “(b) A cable or broadband system operator shall provide subscribers 30 days advance written notice of any changes to rates or charges including the expiration of any promotion or special pricing that would result in an increase in the subscribers billing or costs of service.

            (c) A cable or broadband system operator shall provide written notice to subscribers that disputes regarding interrupted or substandard service or billing issues unresolved to the satisfaction of the subscriber can be filed as a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the State Attorney General’s Office.”