HB2982 HFA Fleischauer 3-23

Altizer - 3259


            Delegate Fleischauer moves to amend Com Sub for HB2982 on page 3, section 2, line 22, following the period, by inserting the following:

”There exist only limited studies that test the hypothesis that medication abortion can be reversed, and those that exist are scientifically weak and rely on ethically compromised methodology, but there is scientific evidence that attempting to reverse a medication abortion by not taking the second drug, misoprostol, may be associated with side effects including, but not limited to, severe hemorrhaging requiring hospitalization.”


On page 6, Section 3, line 29, following the word “available” by striking out the period, and inserting the following:

“as well as information about the potential side effects of this procedure, which is deemed experimental by some medical groups because of the lack of scientifically reliable studies.”