SB335 SFA #1 RUCKER 3-29

Hager  7871


Senator Rucker moved to amend the bill on page four, section five, lines nineteen through twenty-two, by striking out all of subdivision (11) and inserting in lieu thereof a new subdivision (11), to read as follows:

(11) Have, prior to the start of each academic year or prior to the initial academic period for which the student is enrolled if that period for which the student is enrolled is not the beginning of the academic year, taken a drug test administered by the eligible institution. If the individual tests positive, he or she shall take another drug test prior to the beginning of the next academic period.  If the results of the second test are positive, the individual shall complete a drug rehabilitation program as prescribed by the Vice Chancellor for Administration as a condition of continued eligibility for a WV Invests Grant.  The applicant shall be responsible for the actual cost of any drug tests required by this subdivision.