HB4408 SFA Stover #1 3-12

Lazell 7824


Senator Stover moved to amend the bill on page 1, section 15, line 4, by striking out the word 30 and inserting in lieu thereof the word 20;

On page 2, section 16, line 9, by striking out the word 50 and inserting in lieu thereof the word 40;


On page 6, section 16, after line 106, by inserting the following subsections:

(g) Any party who has entered into a contract with the director shall, at their own expense and as a condition of any such contract, perform an environmental impact assessment and economic feasibility study. This study is to be performed prior to the commencement of any construction called for in the contract.

(h) Notwithstanding any provisions of the code to the contrary, no contract entered into by the director shall include any establishment that includes public gaming systems or games established and operated by the State Lottery Commission.