SB498 HFA Capito 3-10 #2

White 3336


Delegate Capito moved to amend the SB498 HJUD AM #1 on page 2, section 9b, line 19, by striking out the remainder of the amendment and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

(c) Any student, parent or guardian of a student, or employee who believes that this act has been violated, may file a complaint pursuant to the state board policy on conflict resolution.

(d) The number, nature and resolution of each substantiated complaint for the previous year shall be reported as follows:

(1) Each school principal shall report to the county superintendent by August 1 each year;

(2) The county superintendent shall report to the state superintendent by September 1 each year; and

(3) The state superintendent, or his or her designee, shall report to the Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability by October 1 each year.

(e) If necessary for the implementation of this section, the Board of Education is authorized to promulgate additional emergency and legislative rules pursuant to 29A-3B-1 et seq. of this code.