SB498 HFA Thompson et al 3-10

Altizer - 3259  

            Delegates Thompson, Hornbuckle, Evans, Doyle, Walker, and Griffith move to amend SB498 HJUD AM #1 on page 2, line 36, following the period by inserting a new subsection to read as follows:

“(e) Prior to initial attainment, or renewal, of a teaching certificate licensing a teacher in this state to teach in the public schools or public charter schools, each teacher shall obtain training in cultural competency.  The state board shall approve curriculum for any program hosting cultural competency training for purposes of meeting the requirements of this section. The training shall include evaluations on standards of professional development to include cultural competency and culturally responsive teaching. The state board may consult with any agency or group which consults on issues of cultural competency to host trainings which may meet the requirements of this section. The state board shall partner with state universities and programs, including, West Virginia University, West Virginia State University, and Marshall University’s Carter G. Woodson Lyceum, to host workshops meeting the criteria of this section.  For purposes of this section, the term “cultural competency” shall mean education on different cultural traditions, practices, world views, and language usage that exist in our society based on ethnicity, race, or other factors that reflect the diversity of American society.”