SB531 SFA Baldwin #1 2-15

Toney  7816


Senator Baldwin moved to amend the bill on page twenty-six, section eight-a, after line two hundred and two, by adding thereto a new subsection, designated subsection (n), to read as follows:

(n) In light of the vacancies of service personnel positions which continue to exist throughout our county boards of education, a study shall be undertaken through the cooperative efforts of the West Virginia Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Resources, and the joint legislative commission on government and finance toward determining the best method by which to address the process and feasibility of increasing the salary and benefits of these government employees with the goal of eliminating the need for additional governmental subsistence to provide for their families but without a diminution of their current benefits, support, and assistance in order to recruit, employ, and maintain this valuable workforce for the benefit of our children and schools.