HB2380 HFA Ellington 2- 2 #1


Mohr 3335


Delegate Ellington moves to amend Committee Substitute for HB2380 on page 16, section §18-9D-6, line 77, after the words “budget shortfalls” by deleting the underscored language beginning on line 77 through and including line 80


On page 18, section §18-9D-6, following line 131, by inserting a new subsection designated subsection (f) to read as follows and re-lettering the subsequent subsections:

(f) Beginning for fiscal year 2023 and each fiscal year thereafter, the School Building Authority shall annually request the Governor to include in the budget bill an amount equal to $24 million for appropriation to the agency’s General Revenue Fund.  These funds shall be transferred to the School Construction Fund and used for purposes set out within subsection (e) of this section.