SB268 SFA Takubo #1 2-24

Dellinger  7965


Senator Takubo moved to amend the bill on page 18, section 5, after line 130, by adding thereto a new subsection, designated subsection (j), to read as follows:

(j) In the event the revenues in a given year exceed the expenses, the amount of revenues in excess of the expenses shall be retained by the Public Employees Insurance Agency to offset future premium increases.;

On page 44, section 9, line 157, by striking out the words “a nationally accredited network” and inserting in lieu thereof the word “networks”;


On page 46, lines 9-16, section 13, by striking out all of subdivision (2) and inserting in lieu thereof a new subdivision (2), to read as follows:

(2) The spouse and dependent coverage is limited to excess or secondary coverage for each spouse and dependent who has primary coverage from any other source. If an employee’s spouse has health insurance available through an employer not defined in §5-16-2 of this code, then the employer may not cover any portion of premiums for the employee’s spouse coverage, unless the employee adds his or her spouse to his or her coverage by paying the cost of the actuarial value of the plan: Provided, That this does not apply to spouses of retired employees or voluntary employers as defined in §5-16-22 of this code.