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There are 67 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 18Relating to appraisal method for certain multifamily rental property for ad valorem property tax03/22/13
SB 19Providing personal income tax credit for recycling service fees02/13/13
SB 26Requiring health insurance coverage for hearing aids under certain circumstances02/26/13
SB 30Requiring DHHR and Medicaid to provide dental coverage to certain mothers of newborns03/15/13
SB 55Exempting homeowners' association dues, fees and assessments from consumers sales and service tax02/21/13
SB 75Increasing salaries of State Police civilian and forensic lab employees02/21/13
SB 88Prohibiting certain campaign contributions by lobbyists during regular session03/27/13
SB 100Requiring mandatory use of armored vests by law enforcement03/13/13
SB 110Requiring certain property reassessments be phased in03/28/13
SB 122Creating Creative Communities Development Act02/28/13
SB 132Compensating State Police for call-back time03/21/13
SB 143Budget Bill04/13/13
SB 167Creating West Virginia Future Fund03/27/13
SB 177Assessing excessive tardiness penalties for certain public school students02/22/13
SB 182Lowering available tax credit amount for film industry03/14/13
SB 184Updating terms in Personal Income Tax Act02/15/13
SB 186Relating generally to deposits in Special Railroad and Intermodal Enhancement Fund and Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund02/15/13
SB 188Creating vendor transportation program to transport Medicaid service recipients03/15/13
SB 189Increasing capital investment threshold for certain economic opportunity development districts02/28/13
SB 207Expiring funds from State Fund, General Revenue, and making supplementary appropriations to various accounts02/19/13
SB 209Making supplementary appropriation from State Fund, State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund, to DHHR, Division of Human Services02/19/13
SB 217Reducing wholesale tax on certain fuels02/19/13
SB 218Including checkoff option on tax return for Jackson's Mill 4-H Camp03/19/13
SB 344Relating to regional meetings among certain county boards of education officials04/02/13
SB 349Implementing Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths System for evaluating out-of-home placement of children03/27/13
SB 360Issuing deputy sheriffs ballistic vest upon law-enforcement certification03/07/13
SB 367Creating Citizens Elected County Officials Compensation Commission03/13/13
SB 377Redefining "retailer engaging in business in this state" for sales and use tax purposes02/27/13
SB 380Expanding Military Incentive Program for economically disadvantaged veterans03/06/13
SB 388Requiring DHHR pay for certified programs for certain drug offenders03/27/13
SB 404Defining certain habitually absent student as neglected child03/22/13
SB 406Relating to Deputy Sheriff Retirement System Act 03/27/13
SB 413Extending WV Supreme Court of Appeals Public Campaign Financing Pilot Program03/27/13
SB 418Relating to Emergency Medical Services Retirement System Act03/28/13
SB 419Relating to Teachers Retirement System 03/28/13
SB 432Relating generally to State Treasurer's Office03/11/13
SB 439Relating to payment correction procedure for erroneous fund distribution03/21/13
SB 483Increasing fire and casualty insurance policies surcharge to benefit fire departments03/26/13
SB 508Creating per-credit-hour tuition demonstration pilot project03/26/13
SB 510Permitting state employees be appointed to state officer position without pay reduction03/20/13
SB 511Creating WV Veterans Auxiliary Fund03/27/13
SB 512Exempting certain state and federal retirement income from state income tax03/13/13
SB 520Creating WV Project Launchpad Act, WV Project Launchpad for Economic Development Property Valuation Act and Promoting WV Employment Act03/21/13
SB 522Relating to collection and processing of certain court fees03/20/13
SB 537Creating Library Facilities Improvement Fund03/27/13
SB 540Permitting Ohio County and Monongalia County commissions levy special district excise tax03/20/13
SB 551Applying solar energy tax credit to each system installation; extending credit date03/21/13
SB 575Relating to county boards of education funding of public libraries03/28/13
SB 576Transferring moneys from Unclaimed Property Trust Fund to Municipal Pensions and Protection Fund03/25/13
SB 583Extending time limit for payment of transfer costs to EMS Retirement System03/25/13
SB 618Creating Tax Revenue Act of 201303/22/13
SB 628Authorizing Supreme Court establish pilot program to appoint probation officers to address truancy03/28/13
SB 631Providing bonding authority to Affordable Housing Trust Fund03/27/13
SB 643Relating to crime victim compensation awards03/28/13
SB 648Providing students financial aid for certain degrees in return for state service commitment03/28/13
SB 649Requiring certain tobacco product manufacturers not participating in Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement to post bond03/25/13
SB 662Establishing cap for collections into Department of Agriculture's land division special revenue account03/26/13
HB 2124Creating new code sections which separate the executive departments04/10/13
HB 2543Specifying that the subsidy provided to volunteer fire departments to offset certain workers' compensation premium increases apply to increases attributable to the fire fighting service03/28/13
HB 2759Relating to standards for emergency medical service personnel04/10/13
HB 2766Creating the "West Virginia Winner" program04/02/13
HB 2809Authorizing the Division of Corrections to implement a responsible parent program pilot project04/04/13
HB 2945Relating to the distribution of state funds to volunteer fire departments03/28/13
HB 2954Requiring that members of the Mine Safety Technology Task Force are paid the same compensation as members of the Legislature04/10/13
HB 3062Removing the cap for collections into the land division special revenue account of the Department of Agriculture04/09/13
HB 3072West Virginia coal employment enhancement act04/10/13
HB 3112Relating to compensation awards to victims of crimes04/04/13
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