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Created by the Joint Committee on Government & Finance in 1976, the Office of Reference & Information disseminates information on all facets of the legislative process. The office serves the general public, lawmakers and the media by producing written and electronic educational materials, publications and news releases regarding the actions of the Legislature. In addition, the office designs and maintains the Legislature's Web site, handles all legislative photography and houses the legislative research library. All work of the office is nonpartisan and covers the actions of both the Senate and the House of Delegates.


Membership Directory

Legislative Directory
Produced by:
Office of Reference & Information

phone: (304) 347-4836

Updated for each new Legislature, this publication contains photographs and contact information for all members of the West Virginia Senate and House of Delegates. In addition, the directory lists the leadership of each chamber and memberships of all standing committees. The pocket-sized booklet also contains general information regarding the Senate and House; the toll-free telephone number and official Web site address for the Legislature; and, an address format for constituents to use when writing their representatives.

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A Bill Becomes Law

A Bill Becomes Law
Produced by:
Office of Reference & Information

phone: (304) 347-4836
Often used for educational purposes, this pamphlet illustrates the process through which legislation advances before it becomes a state law as it walks the reader through each step. Complete with photographs of the Senate and House Chambers, this publication contains detailed summaries of the various stages of the legislative process, including introduction of the bill, committee study, floor action and action by the Governor. It also includes a table with graphics depicting each of the steps.

On the web: A Bill Becomes Law

Chronology of Women in the West Virginia Legislature

Chronology of Women
Produced by:
Office of Reference & Information

phone: (304) 347-4836

Recently updated, this book contains the names, parties and home counties of all women who have served in the West Virginia Senate or House of Delegates. This publication begins in 1922, when just one woman served in the House, and spans through the years to the present Legislature, in which 22 women currently serve - two in the Senate and 20 in the House.

Chronology of Women

Information Packet

Information Packet
Produced by:
Office of Reference & Information

phone: (304) 347-4836

A comprehensive reference tool for any interested citizens or Capitol visitors, this packet contains a map of the Capitol, which includes room numbers for all legislators; seating charts for the Senate and House Chambers; Senate, House and Congressional district maps; photographs and contact information for all members of the Legislature; and, phone numbers and addresses for Congressional representatives. Also included are toll-free telephone numbers and Web site addresses for state agencies, colleges and universities. This packet can be downloaded online.

Information Packet - 2024
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Information Packet - 2023
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Internship Brochure

Internship Brochure
Produced by:
Office of Reference & Information

phone: (304) 347-4836
Profiling the Legislature's five internship programs, which provide opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students from in-state institutions, this brochure includes descriptions of interns' duties, eligibility requirements, the duration of each program and the number of available positions. For students wishing to receive application deadline information or ask any questions about the programs, this publication contains telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and mailing addresses for each program's contact person.

On the web: Legislature's Internship Program

Blog - Today in the Legislature

Today in the Legislature is a daily synopsis of legislative activities including the floor sessions, special events and days at the Legislature.
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All official legislative photography is handled by the Office of Reference & Information - including event photography and historically significant Capitol photography.
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News Releases

Upon lawmaker request, our staff prepares and distributes news releases or media advisories regarding legislation, committee appointments, public hearings and other issues.
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Legislative Library

Our office houses the Legislative Library, which has the Acts of the Legislature, House & Senate Journals, West Virginia Blue Books and the Annotated Code of WV. The library is open to the public for research - books and materials cannot be removed from the office.
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Legislature's Web site (

The West Virginia Legislature's Web site continues to provide a vital online presence targeted toward raising public political awareness and educating citizens interested in the legislative process. It is the primary role of the Web site to offer constituents and staff a historical, educational and informational content center for the legislature, to improve and simplify daily legislative activities while maintaining constant communication with the public.
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Social Media

Information Office staff manage the official West Virginia Legislature Facebook Page ( as well as the offical Twitter feed (@wvlegislature)
Two other Twitter feeds, one for house floor action (@wvhouse) and one for senate floor action (@wvsenate) are also controlled in-office.

Three YouTube channels are also managed:

Application for Media Privileges

The application for access to the House and Senate floors during session can be found in the Reference & Information Office. New photos will be taken, if necessary, and passes must be retrieved each year.

A link to the application also may be found HERE. Applicants are permitted to fill out the form digitally and submit it to

Temporary press passes are available from the Sergeant-At-Arms or Communications Directors for either the House or the Senate. Press passes must be displayed at all times.

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