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Bill Status - 2008 Regular Session

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Senator Oliverio sponsored 59 bills:


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Last Action

SB 33 Requiring certain lenders register with Commissioner of Banking Pending  Senate Banking and Insurance Committee  01/09/08 
SB 39 Adding magistrate deputy clerk for Braxton County Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  01/09/08 
SB 47 Prohibiting ATMs in video lottery establishments Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/20/08 
SB 65 Establishing school uniforms incentive plan pilot program Pending  House Education Committee  02/27/08 
SB 88 Creating brownfield economic development districts Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 91 Reducing ratio of school nurses to school children Pending  Senate Education Committee  01/09/08 
SB 96 Prohibiting smoking in motor vehicle when child under 14 present Pending  Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee  01/09/08 
SB 102 Relating to Jackson's Mill 4-H Camp Checkoff Program Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/09/08 
SB 145 Relating to reasonable force in defense of self, real and personal property Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 147 Relating to Management of Pain Act Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  01/09/08 
SB 165 Relating to school employees' donated personal leave days Pending  House Finance Committee  02/28/08 
SB 167 Authorizing municipalities to enter into energy-saving contracts Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/31/08 
SB 172 Authorizing allocated revenues to fund volunteer firemen pensions Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/18/08 
SB 191 Allowing districts' certain substitute teacher hiring flexibility in critical need areas Pending  Senate Education Committee  01/10/08 
SB 192 Allowing county school boards' substitute service personnel placement flexibility Pending  Senate Education Committee  01/10/08 
SB 236 Eliminating obsolete election language Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 271 Establishing grievance procedure for State Police Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 272 Clarifying "telemarketing solicitation" definition Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 273 Clarifying statutory references Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/24/08 
SB 309 Increasing Secretary of Transportation and Commissioner of Highways salary when one person serves as both Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 311 Allowing judges to order jurors from other counties in certain situations Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 323 Relating to stormwater systems generally Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 329 Granting certain school psychologists' and nurses' salary supplement Pending  Senate Education Committee  01/24/08 
SB 333 Altering composition and responsibilities of Municipal Home Rule Board Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  01/24/08 
SB 340 Requiring consumers' notification of information security breach Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 459 Authorizing rules of School Building Authority and Higher Education Policy Commission Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 465 Eliminating Business Franchise Tax Pending  House Finance Committee  02/26/08 
SB 473 Relating to wine sales Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/28/08 
SB 493 Granting emergency election powers to Secretary of State Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 494 Providing voter verification through electronic poll book Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 495 Requiring certain poll worker training Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 496 Protecting voter registration information Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 498 Extending Neighborhood Investment Program Act Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/06/08 
SB 523 Allowing higher education institutions more planning and operating flexibility Pending  Senate Education Committee  01/31/08 
SB 539 Restoring licensure exemption for certain contractors Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/07/08 
SB 584 Expanding membership of boards of zoning appeals Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/06/08 
SB 603 Granting Legislative Initiative For the Elderly spending oversight Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  02/07/08 
SB 620 Creating Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2008 Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/08/08 
SB 622 Creating Voluntary Rural and Outdoor Heritage Conservation Act Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 625 Requiring school principal make personnel recommendations Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/20/08 
SB 626 Relating to air pollution control permits Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/08/08 
SB 627 Designating terroristic threat as felony Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/20/08 
SB 629 Creating Religious Freedom Restoration Act Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/11/08 
SB 643 Creating Public-Private Transportation Facilities Act of 2008 Pending  Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee  02/12/08 
SB 650 Relating to Emergency Medical Services Retirement System Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 652 Relating to private investments in Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/27/08 
SB 658 Relating to Stop Domestic Violence, Sesquicentennial and "In God We Trust" license plates Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/27/08 
SB 664 Exempting family court judges and magistrates from concealed weapon licensing requirements Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/14/08 
SB 665 Including true compensation on state employee paycheck stubs Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/14/08 
SB 668 Requiring DUI offenders' community service Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/14/08 
SB 682 Creating Community and Technical College Capital Improvement Fund Signed    Governor  04/08/08 
SB 692 Exempting certain State Teachers Retirement System retirement benefits from state income tax Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  02/18/08 
SB 721 Exempting insurance burial policies from Medicaid assignment Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  02/18/08 
SB 750 Relating to continuing education requirements for insurance producers Pending  House Banking and Insurance Committee  02/27/08 
SB 771 Creating Nontraditional Career Development Centers Act Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/18/08 
SB 776 Increasing Excess Lottery Revenue Fund deposits to Higher Education Improvement Fund Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/20/08 
SB 777 Authorizing Marshall University and West Virginia University to manage certain real property Pending  House Education Committee  02/28/08 
SB 787 Authorizing mini-trucks' registration Pending  House Roads and Transportation Committee  02/28/08 
SB 788 Requiring DUI convicts serve mandatory community service and creating a registry of such persons Pending    2nd Reading  03/09/08 
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