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Friday, January 24, 2020


SB607.    By Sen. Sypolt, Clements, Hamilton, Maynard, Pitsenbarger, Smith and Swope

Reporting motor vehicle crashes to owners

Transportation and Infrastructure


SB608.    By Sen. Swope

Providing exemptions from certain taxes for out-of-state businesses (FN) (IB)



SB609.    By Sen. Swope

Relating to Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (IB)

Government Organization


SB610.    By Sen. Weld, Hamilton, Palumbo and Trump

Removing resident manager requirement for Alcohol Beverage Control Administration



SB611.    By Sen. Trump and Smith

Permitting third-party ownership of renewable and alternative energy generating facilities

Economic Development


SB612.    By Sen. Maynard

Allowing work programs or community service as alternative sentencing. (FN)



SB613.    By Sen. Swope

Establishing State Resiliency Office and Officer (IB)

Government Organization




SB614.    By Sen. Rucker

Changing method of allocating funding from Safe School Funds



SB615.    By Sen. Blair and Prezioso

Declaring certain claims against state as moral obligations of state



SB616.    By Sen. Trump

Relating to employment grievance procedure for public employees

Government Organization then Judiciary


SB617.    By Sen. Clements

Amending procedures for refusing certain offenders for commitment to jail



SB618.    By Sen. Clements and Swope

Conforming WV law to federal distance requirements for locations of salvage yards

Transportation and Infrastructure


SB619.    By Sen. Clements, Smith and Swope

Relating to motor fuel excise tax

Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance


SB620.    By Sen. Clements, Trump, Baldwin and Weld

Authorizing Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation approve home plans for inmates (FN)



SB621.    By Sen. Sypolt

Relating to tax credits for providing vehicles to certain persons (FN)




SB622.    By Sen. Prezioso, Baldwin, Beach, Ihlenfeld, Jeffries, Lindsay, Plymale, Romano and Stollings

Relating to taxation of prescription opioids (FN)

Health and Human Resources then Finance


SB623.    By Sen. Rucker

Allowing noncitizen of US be eligible for teaching certificate



SCR10.    By Sen. Rucker

Requesting study of current WV laws relating to anti-bullying measures in schools



SCR11.    By Sen. Rucker

Asking Congress call convention for proposing amendments to impose fiscal restraints on federal government



SR16.    By Sen. Beach

Recognizing 75th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz and creation of International Holocaust Remembrance Day



SR17.    By Sen. Unger

Recognizing Leadership Berkeley




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