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Tuesday, January 28, 2020


SB632.    By Sen. Smith, Takubo, Stollings, Pitsenbarger, Hardesty, Hamilton, Jeffries, Ihlenfeld, Trump, Clements, Beach and Woelfel

Clarifying time limitation for filing occupational pneumoconiosis claim does not limit claimant in obtaining evaluation

Banking and Insurance


SB633.    By Sen. Carmichael (Mr. President) and Prezioso [By Request of the Executive]

Creating Medicaid Families First Reserve Fund account



SB634.    By Sen. Prezioso

Authorizing municipality adopt most recent edition of ICC International Property Maintenance Code

Government Organization


SB635.    By Sen. Trump

Allowing administration of small estates



SB636.    By Sen. Prezioso, Ihlenfeld, Jeffries, Lindsay, Palumbo, Romano and Stollings

Relating to blind trusts by public officials



SB637.    By Sen. Beach

Prohibiting home schooling of children in certain circumstances

Education then Judiciary


SB638.    By Sen. Trump

Creating new private club licenses and requirements (FN)





SB639.    By Sen. Trump

Relating to duties of prosecuting attorney in child abuse and neglect matters

Children and Families then Judiciary


SB640.    By Sen. Trump

Creating Division of Biological Evidence Services

Government Organization then Finance


SB641.    By Sen. Maroney

Allowing WVCHIP flexibility in rate setting

Health and Human Resources


SCR13.    By Sen. Maynard

Ira "Noon" Copley and Marie Copley Memorial Bridge



SR20.    By Sen. Sypolt and Smith

Designating January 29, 2020, as Preston County Day



SR21.    By Sen. Beach, Prezioso, Sypolt, Smith, Clements and Maroney

Celebrating achievements and contributions of Monongalia County




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