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Monday, February 10, 2020


SB738.    By Sen. Maynard

Creating Flatwater Trail Commission (FN)

Government Organization then Finance


SB739.    By Sen. Swope, Clements and Maynard

Authorizing PSC protect consumers of distressed and failing water and wastewater utilities

Government Organization


SB740.    By Sen. Blair

Clarifying authorized users of Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Fund



SB741.    By Sen. Palumbo, Jeffries and Lindsay

Authorizing municipalities place certain property into receivership

Government Organization


SB742.    By Sen. Palumbo, Jeffries and Lindsay

Requiring video-recorded polygraph examinations (FN)



SB743.    By Sen. Unger

Establishing Office of Regulatory and Fiscal Affairs under Joint Committee on Government and Finance (FN)

Government Organization then Finance


SB744.    By Sen. Palumbo and Lindsay

Removing and repealing unauthorized and obsolete rules relating to DMAPS





SB745.    By Sen. Tarr, Blair, Smith and Swope

Creating exemption to state sales and use tax for rental and leasing of equipment (FN)



SB746.    By Sen. Maroney

Providing contracted managed care companies access to uniform maternal screening tool (FN)

Health and Human Resources


SR35.    By Sen. Tarr

Congratulating Gary Young, WV Outstanding Tree Farmer for 2020



SR36.    By Sen. Sypolt, Smith and Hamilton

Recognizing 75th birthday of Smokey Bear




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