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Room 212M, Bldg. 1
State Capitol Complex
(304) 340-3200

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Publications of the House Clerk's Office

Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia

Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia
Produced by: House Clerk's Office

phone: (304) 340-3200
Published each year, the Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia is the official compilation of the bills and resolutions passed by both houses each session and which have subsequently become law. As the Legislature's record keeper, the Clerk of the House of Delegates is charged with preparing, organizing and distributing this publication. The House Clerk has custody of the Acts of the Legislature and delivers certified copies of them for a fee.

Acts of the Legislature

2018 Volume 1
2018 Volume 2

2017 Volume 1
2017 Volume 2

2016 Volume 1
2016 Volume 2

2015 Volume 1
2015 Volume 2

2012 Volume 1
2012 Volume 2

Legislative Manual

Legislative Manual
Produced by: House Clerk's Office

phone: (304) 340-3200

2017-2018 Legislative Manual [PDF]
2015-2016 Legislative Manual [PDF]
A more abbreviated publication than the Blue Book, this manual is updated every two years and contains photographs and biographies of the current governor and legislators. It also contains the names of congressional representatives, elected state officials, judicial officers, legislative staff, members of the press, former governors and past legislators. In addition, each manual includes statistical information on population, legislative rules, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of the United States and West Virginia.

House Journals

House Journals
Produced by: House Clerk's Office

Legislative Duplicating
phone: (304) 347-4811

On the web: Legislature's Bulletin Board
Published daily, this is the official record of the proceedings that take place each day while the House of Delegates is in session. The Journal follows the Order of Business and details floor actions on any legislation up for introduction, amendment or passage. In addition, the results of all roll call votes are shown. The daily Journals are available online.

House Bound Journal

House Journal, 2017, Volume 1
House Journal, 2017, Volume 2
House Journal, 2017, Volume 3
House Journal, 2017, Volume 4

House Journal, 2016, Volume 1
House Journal, 2016, Volume 2
House Journal, 2016, Volume 3
House Journal, 2016, Volume 4

House Journal, 2015, Volume 1
House Journal, 2015, Volume 2
House Journal, 2015, Volume 3

House Topical Index & Abstract

House Index and Abstract
Produced by: House Clerk’s Office

Legislative Duplicating
phone: (304) 347-4811

On the web: Legislature’s Bulletin Board
The House Topical Index contains a list of all bills introduced by subject and includes short titles of each measure and is normally published weekly during session. The House Abstract, normally published daily during session, is a numerical listing of all bills introduced, including short titles, sponsor(s), notation of companion Senate bills and an updated history of Senate and House action from introduction through approval or veto by the governor. These publications are available online.

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