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Bill Status - 2008 Regular Session

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There are 30 Bills pending in Senate Banking and Insurance




SB 22Providing notice of availability of owner's title insurance01/09/08
SB 25Authorizing Commissioner of Banking enter into contracts for providing loan reviews01/09/08
SB 33Requiring certain lenders register with Commissioner of Banking01/09/08
SB 34Requiring continuing education of certain consumer lenders01/09/08
SB 38Requiring advance notice of negative credit reports01/09/08
SB 67Providing notice of availability of owner's title insurance01/09/08
SB 81Prohibiting nursing services' insurers from limiting definition of scope of practice for benefit determination purposes01/09/08
SB 90Exempting certain insurance agents from continuing education requirement01/09/08
SB 94Relating to mortgage loan procedures generally01/09/08
SB 107Prohibiting use of credit score in casualty insurance rates01/09/08
SB 130Requiring health insurance plans cover smoking cessation services01/09/08
SB 146Requiring insurers provide full autism spectrum disorder coverage01/09/08
SB 154Creating life insurance reimbursement fund for National Guard members01/10/08
SB 169Relating to predatory lending practices01/10/08
SB 171Setting new age requirements for automobile insurance premium reductions01/10/08
SB 196Requiring certain colorectal screening and third-party reimbursement01/10/08
SB 202Requiring certain acupuncture treatment insurance coverage01/10/08
SB 206Providing allocated Fire Protection Fund revenue to Fire Chief's and Fireman's Associations for certain expenses01/11/08
SB 245Providing corporate net income tax credit for certain insurance policies01/17/08
SB 275Providing Division of Banking notification of state banks' and holding companies' applications for out-of-state bank acquisitions02/05/08
SB 304Requiring Insurance Commissioner report workers' compensation rules, policies and guidelines to Legislature01/23/08
SB 312Allowing suspended insurers to continue servicing existing policies01/23/08
SB 464Enhancing protection to beneficiaries of structured settlements01/28/08
SB 471Modifying driving without insurance penalty01/28/08
SB 472Providing workers' compensation coverage to certain employers01/28/08
SB 497Including sole proprietor in insurance policies' "small employer" definition01/30/08
SB 521Requiring certain acupuncture treatment insurance coverage01/31/08
SB 547Providing one-time supplement for certain public employee and teacher annuitants and survivor beneficiaries02/01/08
SB 655Providing certain coverage to state employees' pregnant dependents02/13/08
SB 678Authorizing Board of Risk and Insurance Management to provide certain airports' insurance02/15/08
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