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Bill Status - 2008 Regular Session

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There are 28 Bills pending in Senate Pensions




SB 20Relating to Public Employees Retirement System generally01/09/08
SB 26Increasing public employees retirement annuity multiplier 01/09/08
SB 48Providing certain correctional officers full retirement benefits01/09/08
SB 54Providing one-time supplements to annuitants at age 7001/09/08
SB 68Providing one-time option for certain Defined Contribution Retirement System members to opt in to State Teachers Retirement System01/09/08
SB 77Providing supplemental benefit to certain public employee and teacher retirees01/09/08
SB 95Providing public employees retirement credit for armed forces service01/09/08
SB 100Providing personal income tax adjustment for certain retirees01/09/08
SB 125Requiring PEIA Finance Board provide retirees' medical and prescription coverage in certain circumstances01/09/08
SB 155Creating Volunteer Firefighter Length of Service Act01/10/08
SB 159Establishing Voluntary Retirement Accounts Program01/10/08
SB 174Removing scholarship funds' cap for dependent children of deceased State Police01/10/08
SB 198Exempting certain amounts of state pensions and Social Security benefits from state income tax01/10/08
SB 210Exempting military retirement pensions from state income tax01/11/08
SB 211Providing state income tax exemptions to retirees 01/11/08
SB 226Relating to Public Employees Retirement System01/16/08
SB 247Divesting state money from companies doing business in countries sponsoring terrorist activities01/17/08
SB 266Exempting correctional officer retirees' retirement income from gross income01/18/08
SB 321Increasing benefits of certain retired state personnel01/23/08
SB 322Increasing benefits of certain retired teachers01/23/08
SB 326Exempting certain conservation officers' retirement from state income tax01/23/08
SB 461Increasing minimum retirement annuity for certain public employee and teacher retirees01/28/08
SB 528Providing Defined Contribution Retirement System members one-time option to transfer to State Teachers Retirement System 01/31/08
SB 538Allowing service personnel association teachers to count certain service toward retirement credit02/01/08
SB 542Providing certain corrections officers full retirement benefits after twenty years02/01/08
SB 592Providing one-time supplement for certain annuitants and survivor beneficiaries02/06/08
SB 642Allowing transfer of assets from Teachers' Defined Contribution Retirement System to State Teachers Retirement System02/11/08
SB 692Exempting certain State Teachers Retirement System retirement benefits from state income tax02/18/08
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