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There are 38 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 6Establishing education savings accounts for WV students01/18/18
SB 8Permitting county boards of education to base certain workforce decisions on individual's qualifications01/18/18
SB 9Directing certain school funding to assist county boards with exceptional students with special needs01/10/18
SB 19Requiring teachers to post online calendar of class activities01/10/18
SB 20Requiring election of State BOE members01/10/18
SB 27Relating generally to School Building Authority's disbursement of funds01/10/18
SB 28Relating to hiring of school personnel01/10/18
SB 29Requiring school counselors to advise graduating students on availability of student aid01/10/18
SB 41Increasing time school counselors spend on direct counseling01/10/18
SB 52Setting maximum licensed school psychologist-pupil ratio at 1,500 pupils for each psychologist01/10/18
SB 66Relating to in-state tuition rates for members of National Guard, military and reserve units01/24/18
SB 83Relating to higher education student success01/10/18
SB 89Creating educational expense tax credits01/10/18
SB 105Establishing tax credit for certain college graduates who remain in state01/10/18
SB 111Enacting Forming Open and Robust University Minds Act01/10/18
SB 124Providing authorization and oversight of public charter schools01/10/18
SB 128Establishing education expenses tax credit01/10/18
SB 252Requiring schools provide elective course on certain religious texts01/11/18
SB 253Relating generally to associate of science degrees which target workforce needs01/11/18
SB 304Relating to authorization and establishment of charter schools02/27/18
SB 349Providing teachers with a three percent pay raise01/23/18
SB 366Prohibiting State Board of Education from accepting federal education plans without approval of Legislature01/24/18
SB 372Authorizing higher education institutions to eliminate faculty tenure01/25/18
SB 518Extending WV Invests Grant programs to public and private institutions02/12/18
SB 532Administering ACT or SAT tests to students02/13/18
SB 537Implementing Business PROMISE+ Scholarship02/14/18
SB 538Providing classroom teachers credit against personal income tax for nonreimbursed supplies02/14/18
SB 547Adding members to local school improvement council02/15/18
SB 552Making Pierpont Community and Technical College a division of Fairmont State University02/19/18
SB 554Relating to distribution of School Building Authority funds02/15/18
SB 559Creating Shared Table initiative in public schools02/15/18
SB 569Establishing local choice program for alternative high school assessments for improving education02/16/18
SB 587Providing counties having less than 1,400 net enrollment be considered as having 1,400 net enrollment for basic foundation program02/19/18
SB 599Relating to county boards of education providing free feminine hygiene products02/19/18
SB 605Relating to vocational and technical education programs02/19/18
HB 3061Encouraging mastery-based education through the Innovation In Schools program02/23/18
HB 4361Bestowing the West Augusta Award upon each West Virginian graduating from U. S. Military Academies with the highest grade point average02/16/18
HB 4407Relating to eligibility for alternative program teacher certificate03/07/18
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