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Bill Status - 1994 Regular Session

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There are 96 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 116Repealing woodland fee02/14/94
SB 276Relating to fire and casualty insurance proceeds02/23/94
SB 296Relating to licensing wildlife damage control agents03/07/94
SB 316Requiring daily mileage logs when operating state-owned motor vehicles03/07/94
SB 322Relating to lifetime hunting, fishing and trapping licenses03/09/94
SB 412Supplementing and amending existing appropriations of division of culture and history, account no. 351003/12/94
SB 415Making supplemental appropriation to governor's office--civil contingent fund, account no. 124003/12/94
SB 417Making supplemental appropriation to department of commerce, labor and environmental resources, division of natural resources, account no. 830703/12/94
SB 422Establishing infrastructure planning for new roads03/07/94
SB 469Relating to Public Employees Retirement Act03/05/94
SB 491Making supplemental appropriation to division of corrections, account no. 377003/12/94
SB 497Relating to Prompt Pay Act of 199403/07/94
SB 509Making supplemental appropriation to division of public safety, account no. 570003/12/94
SB 528Relating to pollution control facilities tax treatment03/07/94
SB 530Making supplemental appropriation to public service commission, account no. 828003/12/94
SB 531Supplementing, amending and transferring existing appropriation to department of commerce, labor and environmental resources, division of natural resources, former account no. 830003/12/94
SB 532Supplementing, amending and transferring existing appropriation to crime victims compensation fund, former account no. 841203/12/94
HB 2060Establishing a nonresident junior sportsman's hunting, fishing and trapping license and specifying the fee therefor02/17/94
HB 2073Licensure of wildlife damage control agents02/03/94
HB 2111Permitting certain nonresident disabled persons to hunt in the State02/03/94
HB 2167Requiring employers to pay the full cost of PEIA insurance coverage for their employees01/12/94
HB 2255Permitting retiring members of law-enforcement agencies to retain uniforms upon retirement and authorizing the retirees to carry a firearm without a license02/04/94
HB 2464Tax exemption on electricity provided by nonprofit corporations01/12/94
HB 2536Requiring the review of all PEIA premium increase requests01/12/94
HB 2641Providing that the salary of state or county government employees shall not exceed the average annual salary of the highest elected officials of this state01/12/94
HB 2642Reducing the salaries of the super secretaries01/12/94
HB 2736Continuing insurance coverage for certain state employees upon leaving employment03/02/94
HB 4017Implementing a $1,000 pay increase for public school teachers and service personnel03/01/94
HB 4024Corporate commercial relocation tax credit01/14/94
HB 4042Exempting school property used for school purposes from fees levied by state and municipal bodies, liens and taxes01/17/94
HB 4054West Virginia Health Care Access and Reform Act of 199402/23/94
HB 4062Providing that fifty percent of the severance tax on oil and gas inure to the direct benefit of the producing counties and municipalities and twenty-five percent to all nonproducing counties and municipalities01/20/94
HB 4070One dollar administrative fee for the purchase of a hunting or fishing license from the Division of Tourism and Parks01/27/94
HB 4071Fee waiver for the use of picnic shelters or cabins in state recreation areas for individuals or groups donating materials and/or labor for the construction of the same01/27/94
HB 4107Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Veteran's Affairs for nursing care beds feasibility study01/24/94
HB 4124Reducing the corporation net income tax01/25/94
HB 4125Clarifying the filing of quarterly tax estimates02/02/94
HB 4146Salary increase in base pay scale for members of the Division of Public Safety01/26/94
HB 4155Increasing the amount the Director of Natural Resources may spend for outside legal services for the defense against criminal charges brought against personnel in the performance of duty02/10/94
HB 4158Exempting full amount of all retirement and pension benefits from state personal income tax paid by resident individuals01/26/94
HB 4162Disposition of certain state health facilities01/26/94
HB 4164Increasing supplemental pension benefits for certain retired teachers03/01/94
HB 4174Schedule of semiannual assessments for state banking institutions02/09/94
HB 4183Exempting residents with no water service through any public service district or privately owned water company from personal income tax01/28/94
HB 4190Exempting funerals and burials from the consumers sales tax01/28/94
HB 4191Permitting public employees to receive credit for unused sick leave for retirement eligibility requirements02/24/94
HB 4211Repeal of section relating to the woodland fee01/31/94
HB 4218Extending the Class E license renewal date and increasing the fee therefor02/24/94
HB 4229Tax Division, bingo rules01/31/94
HB 4230Tax Division, pollution control facilities01/31/94
HB 4231Tax Division, business investment and jobs expansion credit, etc.01/31/94
HB 4275Board of Investments, consolidated pension fund01/31/94
HB 4291Tax Division, charitable raffle boards and games01/31/94
HB 4292Tax Division, preneed cemetery companies01/31/94
HB 4298Authorizing the Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner to contract for the operation of the commission warehouse02/01/94
HB 4324Jobs note required for all proposed legislation02/02/94
HB 4334Establishing one registration fee for Class A motor vehicles02/10/94
HB 4336Job Tax Credit for Small Business Act02/03/94
HB 4337Disposition of fees for cost of probation to the circuit clerk and county commission02/24/94
HB 4343Permitting deductions from a public employee's paycheck for certain dues and fees02/04/94
HB 4345Imposing special excise taxes on all tobacco products02/04/94
HB 4388Approved investment instruments for the retirement system assets of Class I, II and III municipalities02/17/94
HB 4400Exempting state residents with an adjusted gross income of ten thousand dollars or less from state income tax, etc.02/08/94
HB 4412Exempting preschool and day-care centers from the sales tax imposed on food, textbooks and school supplies02/09/94
HB 4414Authorizing the imposition of a municipal license fee for the retail sale of alcoholic liquor02/09/94
HB 4419Salary increase for Justices of the Supreme Court and judges of circuit courts02/09/94
HB 4455Increasing the annual salary increment for deputy sheriffs and eliminating the cap on increments after sixteen years of service02/14/94
HB 4487Providing a credit against personal income tax for dependent children02/16/94
HB 4503Providing a modification to adjusted gross income for working taxpayers02/17/94
HB 4513Application of tax credit incentives as to investment and reinvestment in pollution control facilities02/17/94
HB 4518Allocating one hundred percent of the coal severance tax exclusively to coal-producing counties for specified purposes02/18/94
HB 4519Requiring the Secretary of Tax and Revenue to undertake an audit of the tax credits available to businesses and companies and to report the results of such audit to the Legislature02/18/94
HB 4520Providing for the transfer of funds from the Parkways Authority for the purchase of police vehicles and the transfer of an additional amount of interest from the Special Highway Fund for the payment of certain back wages to uniformed employees02/18/94
HB 4544Conforming West Virginia law with the federal Intermodal Surface Transportation and Efficiency Act of 199102/22/94
HB 4553Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Culture and History for capital outlay and equipment02/22/94
HB 4554Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Natural Resources, Whitewater Study and Improvement Fund02/22/94
HB 4555Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Labor, Elevator Safety Fund02/22/94
HB 4557Supplemental appropriation to the Governor's Office, Civil Contingent Fund02/22/94
HB 4566Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Corrections, Correctional Units02/23/94
HB 4569Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Public Safety, Brady Act implementation02/23/94
HB 4578County assessment for Class A solid waste facilities02/23/94
HB 4580Allowing the Board of Examiners in Counseling to establish a schedule of fees by legislative rule02/23/94
HB 4581Providing tax credit against the gross income of certain retired persons02/23/94
HB 4582Supplemental appropriation to the Board of Directors of the State College System Account02/23/94
HB 4612Repealing authority of the Consolidated Retirement Board to employ a state actuary and establishing the office of state actuary under the Joint Committee on Government and Finance02/24/94
HB 4620Allowing racing fines and fees to be expended for drug and alcohol abuse treatment02/28/94
HB 4622Allowing husband and wife sixty-five years of age or older filing joint income tax return to each claim the "senior citizen" modification to federal adjusted gross income02/28/94
HB 4624Changing the name of the Railroad Maintenance Authority to the Railroad Authority and increasing the salary of the director03/01/94
HB 4628Increasing the maximum amount of moneys that may be allocated from the industrial access road fund for use in any one county02/28/94
HB 4663Providing a ten percent tax reduction to all personal income and corporation net income tax rates03/02/94
HB 4674Decreasing the tax imposed at the time of certification of title for new residents03/02/94
HB 4681Exempting sales of hearing aids and hearing aid batteries by hearing aid dealers from the consumers sales tax03/02/94
HB 5010Funding for school facilities and maintenance projects03/14/94
HB 5015Budget Bill, making appropriations of public money out of the Treasury in accordance with Article VI, Section 51 of the Constitution03/15/94
HB 6004Reducing the corporation net income tax10/20/94
HB 6005Charging court fees to be used to fund law-enforcement training programs10/20/94
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