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Bill Status - 1994 Regular Session

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There are 86 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 7Requiring school buses purchased after certain date be equipped with seat restraints03/03/94
SB 9Exempting certain sales and services from consumers sales tax01/12/94
SB 22Authorizing division of corrections to establish boot camp program02/16/94
SB 24Creating revenue shortfall reserve fund01/14/94
SB 26Creating Tax Increment Financing Act01/14/94
SB 28Creating Corporate Commercial Relocation Tax Credit01/14/94
SB 44Relating to allocation of industrial revenue bonds01/17/94
SB 45Relating to salaries of elected or appointed state officers03/11/94
SB 47Prohibiting smoking within areas designated "no smoking"; penalty01/21/94
SB 48Exempting deposits charged from returnable containers from consumers sales tax01/19/94
SB 49Relating to reorganization of certain governmental agencies02/28/94
SB 58Increasing salaries of certain appointive state officers01/21/94
SB 65Waiving use fee in public recreation areas for certain individuals or groups01/27/94
SB 88Exempting division of natural resources from certain travel rules01/27/94
SB 93Authorizing tourism and parks division to issue hunting and fishing license01/27/94
SB 112Creating Racetrack Video Lottery Act02/04/94
SB 113Providing supplemental benefits for certain retired teachers03/01/94
SB 115Authorizing transfer of state-owned health facilities01/26/94
SB 120Increasing salaries of members of division of public safety; drivers' license testing02/04/94
SB 123Relating to business and occupation tax01/27/94
SB 125Authorizing legislative auditor to collect post audit costs01/27/94
SB 136Relating to homestead exemptions01/28/94
SB 137Relating to dedicating lottery proceeds01/28/94
SB 140Relating to paid leave for certain state employees volunteering during disaster02/17/94
SB 165Authorizing division of environmental protection to promulgate legislative rules relating to civil administrative penalties02/03/94
SB 224Exempting military retirement benefits from personal income taxes01/31/94
SB 235Making supplemental appropriation to department of transportation, division of highways, account no. 670002/01/94
SB 240Requiring cap on per diem rates of inmates02/02/94
SB 260Making supplemental appropriation to department bureau of employment programs-workers' compensation fund, account no. 900002/03/94
SB 261Establishing forensic laboratory analysis fund02/03/94
SB 262Relating to division of motor vehicles02/21/94
SB 275Increasing sheriffs' commission on taxes assessed02/04/94
SB 286Relating to allocation of proceeds of fire and casualty insurance02/07/94
SB 294Designating sign language as credited study course02/25/94
SB 318Relating to division of public safety; sale of surplus property02/17/94
SB 321Increasing amount director of natural resources may spend for attorney02/16/94
SB 323Increasing salaries of certain public employees02/10/94
SB 332Relating to abandonment of warrants issued by state02/11/94
SB 333Increasing salaries of justices of supreme court and judges of circuit courts02/25/94
SB 339Relating to cable television systems act03/01/94
SB 342Relating to titling leased vehicles02/14/94
SB 344Creating Tax Increment Financing Act02/15/94
SB 346Establishing nongame wildlife and natural heritage fund02/21/94
SB 355Dedicating certain sales tax proceeds to counties02/16/94
SB 359Exempting military retirement benefits from personal income taxes02/16/94
SB 369Providing certain eligibility for homestead property tax exemption02/17/94
SB 378Requiring septic system installers be bonded02/24/94
SB 383Allowing tax deduction for contribution to state colleges and universities02/18/94
SB 384Authorizing rental car transaction fee02/18/94
SB 387Allowing certain personal and corporate income tax credits02/18/94
SB 397Establishing protection of agricultural interests02/23/94
SB 402Prohibiting retroactive tax laws02/21/94
SB 403Authorizing certain purchases from resident vendors03/04/94
SB 404Relating to parkways, economic and development authority03/04/94
SB 411Making supplemental appropriation to department of commerce, labor and environmental resources, division of labor, account no. 827102/21/94
SB 413Making supplemental appropriation to department of agriculture--meat inspection, account no. 791802/21/94
SB 414Making supplemental appropriation to department of agriculture, account no. 791102/21/94
SB 416Making supplemental appropriation to governor's office--commission for national and community service, account no. 775402/21/94
SB 419Increasing salaries of certain prosecuting attorneys02/25/94
SB 431Providing residential property owners certain tax credit02/21/94
SB 438Amending and transferring appropriations of governor's office, account no. 124002/21/94
SB 440Providing additional service credit in teachers retirement system03/01/94
SB 448Requiring completion of veteran's memorial at capitol complex02/23/94
SB 454Establishing workfare program02/21/94
SB 455Exempting pensions of retired school employees from personal income tax02/21/94
SB 463Eliminating food sales tax02/21/94
SB 468Requiring additional duties of treasurer03/04/94
SB 471Relating to state building commission02/21/94
SB 472Creating Regulatory Flexibility Act02/28/94
SB 474Permitting division of culture and history to charge certain fees02/21/94
SB 482Reducing levy rates on class I and II properties02/21/94
SB 486Prohibiting certain property tax on residential property02/21/94
SB 488Making supplemental appropriation to division of health--hospital services, account no. 850002/21/94
SB 492Creating Infrastructure And Jobs Development Act02/21/94
SB 495Increasing hours seasonal park and recreational employees may work03/04/94
SB 503Relating to oil and gas severance tax02/21/94
SB 510Providing implementation of certain federal handgun requirements02/21/94
HB 4022Tax Increment Financing Act02/18/94
HB 4150Personal and corporation net income tax credit for contributions to community foundations and homeless shelters and services03/04/94
HB 4161Tax exemption on the transfer of real property by churches and religious institutions03/03/94
HB 4407Abolishing an alternative qualification which allows an entity to be defined as a newspaper, relating to the publication of legal advertisements, rates, etc.03/07/94
HB 4492Providing that those Persian Gulf reservists who were activated by Presidential Proclamation shall be entitled to the Veterans Bonus03/07/94
HB 4494Authorizing the promulgation of rules by officials, departments, boards or commissions to receive taxes and other funds by electronic funds transfer03/04/94
HB 4634Permitting the Division of Culture and History to charge certain fees03/04/94
HB 4639Holiday observation for state, city and county employees03/08/94
HB 4655Supplementing, amending, reducing, expiring and transferring amounts from surplus balances in various special revenue accounts03/05/94
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