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Bill Status - 1994 Regular Session

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There are 279 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 89Relating to registered limited liability partnerships02/03/94
SB 90Requiring clearing of refuse and debris from private lands01/27/94
SB 118Exempting person's residence from federal bankruptcy proceedings02/24/94
SB 256Transferring authority for interstate compact on juveniles03/02/94
SB 347Creating Controlled Substances Monitoring Act03/02/94
SB 351Defining obscenity; penalties03/03/94
SB 352Prohibiting dissemination of obscene material to minors03/03/94
SB 368Relating to veteran grave marker fees03/03/94
SB 427Relating to national guard03/03/94
SB 432Increasing penalties for escape from jail or other confinement03/04/94
SB 435Requiring family notification when retaining autopsy tissue03/07/94
SB 506Requiring notice of delinquent real estate by registered or certified mail03/07/94
SB 513Relating to payment of claims to beneficiaries of life insurance02/25/94
SB 523Repealing article relating to commission on interstate cooperation03/07/94
HB 2017Including facilities of the Departments of Health, Corrections and the Legislature within the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act01/12/94
HB 2018Repeal of woodland fee01/12/94
HB 2029Prohibiting the employment of spouse by state official or employee01/12/94
HB 2032Exempting persons selling preneed burial contracts from continuing education01/12/94
HB 2033Authorizing state, county and local law-enforcement officers to enter and enforce laws affecting licensed private clubs01/12/94
HB 2044Creating the position of court bailiff and transferring certain deputy sheriffs thereto01/12/94
HB 2061Permitting a landlord, after notice of termination, to enter leased premises for the purpose of showing the same to prospective tenants01/12/94
HB 2070Giving priority to a purchase money deed lien over prior liens against the same real estate01/12/94
HB 2077Requiring prosecuting attorney to investigate complaints for felony warrants01/12/94
HB 2080Authorizing retired deputy sheriffs to carry a firearm without cost or a license01/12/94
HB 2087Permitting magistrates to carry a deadly weapon without a permit01/12/94
HB 2121Increasing the penalty for unlawful taking of a vehicle01/12/94
HB 2436Authorizing retired municipal police officers to carry a firearm without cost of a license01/12/94
HB 2450Automatic voter registration at driver's license facilities01/12/94
HB 2470Evaluation of minors prior to judicially ordered placement outside the home01/12/94
HB 2583Removal of resilient floor covering materials from asbestos removal requirements01/12/94
HB 2634Relating to Workers' Compensation and self-insured municipalities01/12/94
HB 2637Expanding the offense of knowingly providing false information to a state, county or municipal police officer01/12/94
HB 2643Establishing campaign spending limits01/12/94
HB 2660Prohibiting consideration of salaries of employees of utilities in excess of the salary of the Governor in determining utility rates01/12/94
HB 2766Granting the Attorney General the discretion to attend to the criminal business of the state in any court of the state01/12/94
HB 2769Limiting the use of political action committee contributions and providing for candidates to voluntarily limit campaign spending01/12/94
HB 2799Landowners' Rights and Protection Act01/12/94
HB 2818Statute of limitations on actions against a licensed land surveyor, based upon error in a survey01/12/94
HB 4005Eliminating the six percent interest charged by the assessor on property omitted from the land and personal property books01/12/94
HB 4011Defining certain crimes and redefining the terms of incarceration for certain other crimes01/13/94
HB 4016Civil service rights of managerial employees affected by reductions in force01/13/94
HB 4026Felony offense for a person previously convicted of a felony to possess a firearm01/14/94
HB 4027Rewards by county commissions to persons providing information to law-enforcement officers which leads to the arrest and conviction of a person unlawfully disposing of litter01/14/94
HB 4033Circumstances under which a trustee may terminate a trust of less than $50,000 and distribute the proceeds to the beneficiaries01/17/94
HB 4037Treble increase of misdemeanor penalty for possession of controlled substances01/17/94
HB 4038Admittance into evidence of a criminal conviction for abuse of violence against a family in proceedings held to determine custodial rights of minor children01/17/94
HB 4041Relieving property owners of personal liability for delinquent charges for water, sewerage and gas services of tenants01/17/94
HB 4045Right of subrogation by the Division of Rehabilitation Services01/18/94
HB 4046Relating to the sale, exchange or lease of real property by the Commissioner of Highways01/18/94
HB 4048Informed consent for voluntary abortion01/18/94
HB 4051Including real property designated as "wetlands" in the definition of "farm" for tax and levy purposes01/19/94
HB 4055Granting a mechanic's lien to a surveyor for materials furnished, work done or services provided01/20/94
HB 4057Development of voluntary work release programs for nonviolent county and regional jail prisoners01/20/94
HB 4060Providing the death penalty for first degree murder01/20/94
HB 4069Including legal guardians and step-parents within the definition of grandparent for the purposes of visitation rights01/21/94
HB 4072Requiring a method for indicating taxation as managed timberland on landbooks01/21/94
HB 4096Increasing penalties for persons sentenced to a county or regional jail for misdemeanor offenses on two or more former occasions01/21/94
HB 4098Uniform Interstate Family Support Act01/24/94
HB 4100Uniform Premarital Agreement Act01/24/94
HB 4102Uniform Controlled Substances Act01/24/94
HB 4108Prohibiting any cemetery from charging more than fifty dollars to set a United States memorial affairs grave marker01/24/94
HB 4112Felony offense of disseminating indecent material to minors01/24/94
HB 4113Penalty for murder of the second degree01/24/94
HB 4116Exempting information contained on the legislative computer system from the freedom of information law and permitting the Legislature to grant access to such information to persons who pay user fees01/24/94
HB 4119Relating to the installation of smoke detectors in rental property units01/25/94
HB 4122Limiting the liability of authorized forest firefighters01/25/94
HB 4131Indemnification of corporate officers for the breach of any fiduciary duty01/25/94
HB 4135Permitting trustees to terminate trusts which are no longer economically beneficial or practical01/25/94
HB 4136Eliminating the two-year period to bring a civil action against distributees of an estate by certain persons01/25/94
HB 4137Granting priority to a purchase money trust deed lien over prior liens against the same real estate01/25/94
HB 4139Increasing the assessor's on-site valuation cycles for real and personal property valuations01/26/94
HB 4152County commissions to develop and implement county community service programs to be used in sentencing juveniles in lieu of imposing fines01/26/94
HB 4154Removing the prohibition against the possession of certain hunting or fishing paraphernalia02/03/94
HB 4165Private Property Protection Act02/28/94
HB 4170Permitting the replacement of sheriffs with the position of court bailiff as attending officers at circuit court and family law master proceedings01/27/94
HB 4181Prohibiting the distribution of free samples of tobacco products at any public gathering where there are minors in attendance01/28/94
HB 4182Repeal of section relating to establishment of multi-county regional educational service agencies01/28/94
HB 4184Applicability of homestead exemption to every property owner regardless of age or disability01/28/94
HB 4185Prohibiting the Division of Natural Resources from promulgating rules requiring enhancement of penalties based on hunting or fishing violations older than two years, etc.01/28/94
HB 4187Providing for the election of commissioners of the Public Service Commission01/28/94
HB 4192Twenty-four hour patrols by members of the Division of Public Safety01/28/94
HB 4194Defining the term "neglected child" and providing a penalty for causing a child to be neglected01/28/94
HB 4196Requiring electric utilities to apply the lowest rate for service to rural community buildings01/28/94
HB 4197Solid Waste Landfill Closure Assistance Program01/28/94
HB 4202Equalizing the salaries of all magistrates and setting the same at $30,000 per year01/28/94
HB 4203Setting forth conditions under which magistrate courts may collect a fee prior to the signing of a warrant for worthless checks01/28/94
HB 4208Promoting free and open competition in the sale and servicing of energy and nonenergy-related products and equipment01/28/94
HB 4215Collective bargaining rights for public employees01/31/94
HB 4217Criminal offense of loitering in municipalities in areas designated as high crime areas01/31/94
HB 4219Air Pollution Control Commission, particulate air pollution from manufacturing01/31/94
HB 4220Air Pollution Control Commission, emission standards, hazardous air pollutants01/31/94
HB 4221Air Pollution Control Commission, new stationary source, performance standards01/31/94
HB 4222Air Pollution Control Commission, stationary sources of air pollutants, permits for construction01/31/94
HB 4223Air Pollution Control Commission, operating permit requirements01/31/94
HB 4224Environmental Protection, hazardous waste management regulations01/31/94
HB 4225Board of Investments, consolidated fund administration02/08/94
HB 4226Natural Resources, hunting and trapping prohibitions02/10/94
HB 4227Racing Commission, greyhound rules02/18/94
HB 4228Racing Commission, thoroughbred rules02/18/94
HB 4232Board of Accountancy, professional conduct02/18/94
HB 4233Department of Administration, use of domestic aluminum, etc., public works projects02/08/94
HB 4234Commission on Aging, long-term care ombudsman02/10/94
HB 4235Department of Agriculture, animal disease control02/10/94
HB 4236Department of Agriculture, auctioneers02/10/94
HB 4237Air Pollution Control Commission, hazardous waste treatment facilities, air pollution prevention01/31/94
HB 4238Air Pollution Control Commission, sulfur oxides01/31/94
HB 4239Attorney General, consumer goods rental protection01/31/94
HB 4240Division of Banking, acquisition of property by financial institutions02/09/94
HB 4241Division of Banking, notice and treatment of joint accounts02/09/94
HB 4242Commercial Hazardous Waste Management Facility Siting Board, certification requirements01/31/94
HB 4243Division of Corrections, parole supervision01/31/94
HB 4244Board of Examiners in Counseling, licensing02/10/94
HB 4245Crime, Delinquency and Correction, protocol, law enforcement response to domestic violence01/31/94
HB 4246Culture and History, archaeological site and unmarked grave excavation permits01/31/94
HB 4247Board of Dental Examiners, rules and regulations02/10/94
HB 4248Embalmers and Funeral Directors, rules of Board02/18/94
HB 4249Environmental Protection, solid waste landfill closure assistance program regulations01/31/94
HB 4250Environmental Protection, assessment of civil administrative penalties01/31/94
HB 4251Environmental Protection, monitoring well regulations01/31/94
HB 4252Environmental Protection, groundwater protection regulations01/31/94
HB 4253Environmental Protection, sewage sludge management regulations01/31/94
HB 4254Environmental Protection, groundwater protection fee schedule01/31/94
HB 4255Division of Environmental Protection, dam safety regulations01/31/94
HB 4256Division of Environmental Protection, underground storage tank regulations01/31/94
HB 4257Division of Environmental Protection, underground injection control fee schedule01/31/94
HB 4258Division of Environmental Protection, commercial hazardous waste management facility siting fees01/31/94
HB 4259Division of Environmental Protection, yard waste composting01/31/94
HB 4260Division of Environmental Protection, lead acid battery regulations01/31/94
HB 4261Division of Environmental Protection, groundwater quality standard variances01/31/94
HB 4262Family Protection Services Board, domestic violence programs01/31/94
HB 4263Board of Health, public water systems01/31/94
HB 4264Division of Health, cancer registry02/10/94
HB 4265Health and Human Resources, hospital licensure02/10/94
HB 4266Health and Human Resources, state funds to local boards of health02/08/94
HB 4267Division of Highways, traffic and safety rules and regulations02/10/94
HB 4268Human Rights Commission, rules regarding discrimination against individuals with disabilities01/31/94
HB 4269Insurance Commissioner, holding company systems reporting forms02/09/94
HB 4270Insurance Commissioner, substandard motor vehicle insurance notice requirements02/09/94
HB 4271Insurance Commissioner, filing fees for purchasing groups and risk retention groups02/09/94
HB 4272Insurance Commissioner, continuation of coverage under automobile liability policies02/09/94
HB 4273Insurance Commissioner, life and health insurance guaranty association act notice requirements02/09/94
HB 4274Insurance Commissioner, accident and sickness insurance minimum coverage standards02/09/94
HB 4276Division of Labor, elevator safety act02/18/94
HB 4277Lottery Commission, state lottery rules03/01/94
HB 4278Board of Medicine, licensing, disciplinary and complaint procedures for physicians and podiatrists02/18/94
HB 4279Miners' Health, Safety and Training, first-aid training of shaft and slope employees01/31/94
HB 4280Division of Motor Vehicles, alcohol test and lock program01/31/94
HB 4281Division of Natural Resources, special fishing regulations02/10/94
HB 4282Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board, regulations02/10/94
HB 4283Board of Osteopathy, licensing, disciplinary and complaint procedures02/10/94
HB 4284Board of Physical Therapy, general provisions02/10/94
HB 4285Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board, requirements02/24/94
HB 4286Registered Professional Nurses, nursing practice standards02/10/94
HB 4287Registered Professional Nurses, disciplinary action02/10/94
HB 4288Secretary of State, election forms and vendor authorization01/31/94
HB 4289Speech-language pathology and audiology, assistants02/10/94
HB 4290Speech-language pathology and audiology, licensure of assistants02/10/94
HB 4293Environmental Protection, groundwater protection regulations, coal mining operations01/31/94
HB 4294Board of Osteopathy, osteopathic physician assistants02/10/94
HB 4309Circumstances necessary for a dealer to sell a motor vehicle in an "as is" condition02/01/94
HB 4311Home detention rather than jail confinement for a first conviction for DUI02/01/94
HB 4312Providing a system for controlling the sale of handguns02/01/94
HB 4318Permitting the general partners of a general partnership to limit the scope of personal liability for certain obligations and liabilities of the partnership02/02/94
HB 4319Establishing interagency planning and placement committees to assist courts in long-term out-of-home placement of minor children02/02/94
HB 4321Prohibiting the retention by landlords of any part of a security deposit for cleaning expenses02/02/94
HB 4322Providing for the observance of Saturday holidays on Friday and Sunday holidays on Monday by state employees02/02/94
HB 4325Immunity from civil liability for certain services provided voluntarily by professional engineers in emergency situations02/02/94
HB 4329Public Employee Relations Act02/03/94
HB 4331Granting authority to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals to appoint the administrator of the Interstate Compact on Juveniles02/03/94
HB 4338Establishing a procedure for filing professional negligence and negligence suits against registered architects and engineers02/03/94
HB 4341Requiring solid waste facilities to provide fee waivers for certain persons and eliminating provisions for free disposal02/03/94
HB 4346Prohibiting sales or gifts of tobacco, tobacco products, etc., to persons under the age of eighteen years02/17/94
HB 4348Limiting the percent of net income in dividends which a subsidiary may pay to a parent company02/04/94
HB 4353Involuntary custody for mentally ill persons and a temporary detention not to exceed four days for mental hygiene evaluation02/04/94
HB 4358Repeal of section relating to child support beyond the age of eighteen02/04/94
HB 4364Appeal of specified orders of circuit courts by prosecuting attorneys to the Supreme Court of Appeals on behalf of the State in criminal proceedings02/04/94
HB 4368Authorizing paid leave for state employees who are certified disaster service volunteers of the American Red Cross in certain specified circumstances02/07/94
HB 4369Awards of attorney fees and certain expenses against the State in civil actions brought by the State and in proceedings for judicial review of administrative orders02/07/94
HB 4370West Virginia Regulatory Flexibility Act02/07/94
HB 4372Establishing a statewide prosecutor's advisory council02/07/94
HB 4373Requiring access to live telephone operators for all operator assisted telephone calls02/07/94
HB 4376Requiring a jobs impact statement to be completed for certain proposed legislation02/07/94
HB 4378Rewards for persons who provide information or evidence of welfare fraud which leads to a conviction02/07/94
HB 4379Administration of the Public Defender Program02/07/94
HB 4381Increasing the penalties for murder of the second degree, voluntary manslaughter and the attempt of certain violent crimes02/07/94
HB 4385Prohibiting violations of an individual's civil rights based on their sexual orientation02/08/94
HB 4393Permissive publication of sample election ballots in daily or weekly newspapers02/08/94
HB 4397Suspension of driver's license when a person is convicted of using false identification for the purchase of alcoholic beverages02/08/94
HB 4398Relating to the purchase of permanent retail licenses to sell alcoholic liquor02/08/94
HB 4403Permitting the Attorney General to disclose the number of complaints received against a person or business02/09/94
HB 4408Eliminating the one week waiting period for the payment of unemployment compensation benefits02/09/94
HB 4409Limiting election contributions to twenty-five dollars per contributor02/09/94
HB 4411Authorizing licensed thoroughbred race tracks to operate telephone pari-mutuel wagering systems02/09/94
HB 4415Requiring minors with children to continue school attendance in order to qualify for welfare assistance and limiting increases in assistance when recipient gives birth to additional children02/09/94
HB 4416Requiring counseling of certain abused and neglected children for a not less than one year period02/09/94
HB 4418Relating to general definitions and the regulation of the rental of consumer goods under the Consumer Goods Rental Protection Act02/09/94
HB 4421Relating to when body tissue may be maintained by the State Medical Examiner and when notification is required to be made to next of kin02/10/94
HB 4422Relating generally to the Americans with Disabilities Act02/10/94
HB 4423Decreasing the time span between the hiring date of an employee and the date that employment is reported to the Child Advocate Office02/10/94
HB 4424Providing for the denial or suspension of professional licenses or certificates when the holder is delinquent in court ordered support payments02/10/94
HB 4426Updating the Aeronautics Commission Law, etc.02/10/94
HB 4428Regulation of trade concerning weights and measures02/10/94
HB 4435West Virginia Public School Employment Relations Act02/10/94
HB 4438Enhanced penalties for convictions of crimes involving the use of a firearm02/11/94
HB 4441Designation of regions for children's advocates and providing for the more equal distribution of caseloads02/11/94
HB 4442Requiring the source of income to submit the amount withheld from the obligor's income to the Child Advocate Office on the same day the obligor is paid02/11/94
HB 4445Community Protection Act02/11/94
HB 4447Ineligibility for probation of persons convicted of a felony involving the use of a dangerous weapon02/11/94
HB 4448Creating a mandatory sentence for the commission or attempted commission of a crime while armed with a deadly weapon02/11/94
HB 4449Civil and criminal immunity from liability for certain noise pollution caused by sport shooting ranges02/11/94
HB 4452Abolishing the requirement that Acts of the Legislature be provided without charge to magistrates02/11/94
HB 4453Requiring that contracts to privatize concession functions at state parks and recreational facilities be authorized by act of the Legislature02/11/94
HB 4457Relating to franchising authority of the West Virginia Cable Television Advisory Board02/14/94
HB 4459Permitting facsimile or electronic signatures on transmittal requests02/14/94
HB 4460Limiting landowner liability for certain landowners02/14/94
HB 4462Relating to medical professional negligence and liability, providing for a limitation on noneconomic damages, setting a cap on attorney contingency fees, etc.02/14/94
HB 4464Criminal penalty for willful violation of employee rights02/14/94
HB 4467Creating the West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Institute02/14/94
HB 4468Increasing the penalty for illegally parking in a handicapped space02/14/94
HB 4473Desecration of cemeteries and graveyards02/15/94
HB 4475Clarifying when body tissue may be retained and requiring notification of next of kin02/15/94
HB 4480Providing a certain exemption on the sale of burial vaults02/15/94
HB 4484Requiring all parolees to pay a proportion of the cost of their parole supervision02/16/94
HB 4485Requiring the making of reasonable modifications to housing for handicapped persons, etc.02/16/94
HB 4486Creating the criminal offense of trespassing on railroad tracks02/16/94
HB 4488Providing the death penalty and automatic review of such penalty for the crime of killing a person as a result of a kidnapping or hostage taking02/16/94
HB 4501Relating to certificates of training prior to receipt of a lifetime hunting license02/23/94
HB 4502Relating to unemployment compensation benefits02/17/94
HB 4509General revision of the law governing preneed cemetery contracts02/17/94
HB 4515Expeditious establishment of paternity02/18/94
HB 4528Requiring a spouse who is awarded child custody to give periodic accountings of expenditures made from child support payments to the noncustodial parent making such payments02/21/94
HB 4529Relating to the percent of qualified voters and the time to hold a local option election02/21/94
HB 4531Increasing the salaries of magistrates02/21/94
HB 4532Providing reimbursement to magistrates for arraignments and emergency "on call" trips02/21/94
HB 4534Enforcement of youth smoking laws by the Division of Public Safety02/21/94
HB 4537Allowing Bluefield State College to sell certain property contingent on property being transferred to it by the Department of Health and Human Resources02/21/94
HB 4541Defining obscenity and providing new criminal penalties for persons who disseminate or promote obscene material02/22/94
HB 4542Misdemeanor offenses of public indecency and indecent exposure and providing criminal penalties therefor02/22/94
HB 4543Providing new mandatory criminal penalties for persons who disseminate or promote obscene material to minors or who use minors in obscene acts02/22/94
HB 4549Providing for limitations on lending to political campaigns and on contributions by political action committees to political candidates02/22/94
HB 4550Establishing a code of fair campaign practices and providing a reduced filing fee for candidates for certain state offices who choose to sign such code02/22/94
HB 4552Providing certain amendments to the Workers' Compensation law02/22/94
HB 4561General revision of the statutes governing planning and zoning02/22/94
HB 4568Providing for the implementation of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act02/23/94
HB 4573Establishing a criminal record check system for screening child care workers02/23/94
HB 4574Relating to penalties for forging or counterfeiting certain motor vehicle documents02/23/94
HB 4577Investigation and hearing process involved in the removal, discharge, suspension or reduction in rank or pay of municipal police officers or firefighters02/23/94
HB 4583Requiring the assessor to provide the sheriff with yearly appraisal and tax information02/23/94
HB 4589Permitting fire line officers to arrest suspected arsonists02/23/94
HB 4598Relating generally to the governmental ethics law02/24/94
HB 4600Criminal penalties for intimidating a judicial officer, juror or witness02/24/94
HB 4604Suspension of driver's license of persons who misrepresent their age by using false identification or consume alcohol under the age of twenty-one02/24/94
HB 4605Immunity from civil liability for volunteer students-for-students public safety service02/24/94
HB 4608Relating to providing natural gas service from individual wells to individual homeowners02/24/94
HB 4609Requiring the bonding of county correctional officers in like manner as deputy sheriffs02/24/94
HB 4625Relating generally to cable television systems02/28/94
HB 4627Permitting dealers of motor vehicles to sell certain vehicles on an "as is" basis without any warranty02/28/94
HB 4632Relating to child support beyond the age of eighteen for educational expenses02/28/94
HB 4641Changing the term "handicap" to "disability" and "handicapped" to "disabled" under the Fair Housing Act03/01/94
HB 4642Extending the time for which a domestic violence protective order may remain in force and generally revising domestic violence statutes03/01/94
HB 4649Creating guidelines by which siblings who have been separated may be reunited in foster or adoptive homes, etc.03/01/94
HB 4650Creating the criminal offense of sexual assault by an educator against a student03/01/94
HB 4651Prohibiting discriminatory pricing by manufacturers of prescription drugs03/01/94
HB 4658Exempting recycling facilities operated by solid waste authorities from permit requirements03/02/94
HB 4660Prohibiting the distribution, selling or renting of any video unless it is open- or close-captioned for the hearing impaired03/02/94
HB 4662Physician Lien Act03/02/94
HB 4667West Virginia Noncoal Surface Mining Act03/02/94
HB 4671Commissioner of Corrections and Department of Health and Human Resources required to develop and implement educational programs for youthful offenders using certain computer technologies03/02/94
HB 4682State Environmental Quality Act03/02/94
HB 4683Eliminating any requirement of municipalities for curbside collections of recycled materials simultaneous with, or at the same frequency of, regular solid waste collections03/02/94
HB 4684Prohibiting the use of strikebreakers during a labor dispute03/02/94
HB 4685Limiting potential liability for railroad operations primarily intended for the tourist trade03/02/94
HB 4686Providing for the confidential handling of the votes of poll officials and poll workers03/02/94
HB 4687Permitting the filing of appeals from orders of the Human Rights Commission in the county of residence of the appellant03/02/94
HB 4688Storage and disposition of property belonging to a tenant who has been evicted pursuant to a judgment for wrongful occupation of residential rental property03/02/94
HB 5011Authorizing legislative rules for those agencies contained within the Department of Commerce, Labor and Environmental Resources03/14/94
HB 5014Authorization of promulgation of legislative rules by certain state agencies03/14/94
HB 6000Sale of "as is" motor vehicles10/21/94
HB 6001Relating to the prevention of domestic violence, protective orders and enforcement10/21/94
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