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Bill Status - 1997 Regular Session

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There are 28 Bills pending in House Banking and Insurance




HB 2011Providing that certain reports by compliance review committees of banking institutions are discoverable but not admissible as evidence02/12/97
HB 2037Requiring insurance coverage of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for injuries received from acts of domestic violence02/12/97
HB 2039Eliminating the seventy-five percent participation requirement currently required for group insurance policies when the policy premium is partly or wholly paid by the employee02/12/97
HB 2057Removing the family purpose doctrine provision from motor vehicle liability policies02/13/97
HB 2061State Board of Risk and Insurance Management authorized to establish and provide group insurance plans for small businesses02/13/97
HB 2085Continuation of coverage under automobile liability policy provisions after termination of a marriage02/13/97
HB 2109Creating a reinsurance pool for persons unable to qualify for insurance because of illnesses or physical conditions02/14/97
HB 2116Requiring insurance coverage of reconstructive surgery following mastectomy surgery02/17/97
HB 2151Requiring a mandatory ten thousand dollars in medical pay coverage for certain motor vehicle insurance policies02/18/97
HB 2164Allowing out-of-state insurance agents to use class hours and test scores from another state to obtain their West Virginia license02/19/97
HB 2175Prohibiting bank return charges for federal WIC vouchers02/20/97
HB 2219Providing a ten percent discount on insurance policies for homes with sprinkler systems02/26/97
HB 2300Prohibiting health maintenance organizations from placing restrictions on communications between health care providers and patients03/03/97
HB 2310Prohibiting auto insurers from developing premium rates by territories and requiring the same to be developed statewide03/03/97
HB 2416Reduction of insurance premiums for school bus operators and drivers' education instructors03/05/97
HB 2504Relating to emergency medical services coverage03/17/97
HB 2558Providing that an insured individual's motor vehicle coverage is primary when a claim arises from the operation of a vehicle owned by a certain person, firm or corporation03/14/97
HB 2568Requiring certain health insurance policy language03/17/97
HB 2618Relating to insurance demolition proceeds03/19/97
HB 2636Reduction of payments to health maintenance organizations by PEIA and relating to enrollment periods, shopper's guides and surveys03/20/97
HB 2661Requiring secondary notice of nonpayment of insurance premiums before termination03/21/97
HB 2693Providing a fifteen percent discount to automobile insureds who have not filed a claim for five years or longer03/24/97
HB 2757Providing that certain advanced nurse practitioners may serve in lieu of an HMO subscriber's primary care physician03/26/97
HB 2763Prohibiting insurance companies from discriminating on rates charged for drivers under the age of eighteen years03/26/97
HB 2768Requiring insurers to insure for bodily and personal injury resulting from discrimination or harassment03/27/97
HB 2770Relating to insurance notice requirements and cancellation of automobile liability insurance policies03/27/97
HB 2808Requiring that insurance demolition proceeds be placed in escrow03/28/97
HB 2863Permitting resident insurance agents to authorize the insurer to imprint a facsimile countersignature03/28/97
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